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Back to School Essentials…..for GCSE & A-Level Students

There was a time when preparing to go back to school brought about a bit of excitement after spending six-weeks off; with the fortnight before the first-day back revolving round getting new school uniform and school shoes; through to getting a whole new pencil case and stationery set – which invariably included testing out a number of gel pens in store, only to be told by mum that you weren’t having them.

As you get older the essentials for “back to school” change, out go all the different coloured and scented gel pens, and in comes various other stationery including protractors and compasses. There are then the other school essentials, particularly for those getting ready to sit their GCSEs or A-Levels, and these include:


After spending hours typing up your notes from today’s lessons so that they are legible for when you need them for your next essay or revision; or after spending hour after hour on coursework the last thing you want to see is the “battery low” warning pop up on your laptop, with your charger being nowhere in sight.

Unfortunately, many of us will have fallen foul at least once of this happening and losing work, whilst some of us will also have been unfortunate enough to find that the laptop battery does not hold its charge when it’s not connected to the mains.

With laptops becoming more common than pens and paper within GCSE and A-Level classrooms, it is vital to ensure that your laptop, whether it is a Sony, Panasonic, Apple, LG or Acer, is in full working order, that the battery is charged (and holds its charge), and when called upon you can always find the AC adaptor.

For those that can’t, or those who’ve found that their once-trusted laptop is beginning to show the signs of wear and tear, all is not lost as at eSpares we stock spare parts and accessories for all the top brands, and more, of laptops – including a range of genuine and compatible laptop batteries, adaptors and chargers, meaning wherever you are you can keep typing your coursework.

USB Flash Drives:

Teachers have a knack of reminding their pupils of the importance of saving work not just on the computer but also on an external device. In days gone by this would have been a floppy disk (if you’re not sure what one of these is, ask your parents!)

Now, as times have changed many of us have reverted for USB flash drives, and no matter how big a device you think you’ll need to help you through your studies, we stock a range of 8GB through to 64GB USB drives, meaning that you’ll never have to run the risk of not being able the work you’ve spent half the day on at school.

iPod / MP3:

You may not think of your iPod / MP3 player as an essential for going back to school, but from listening to music on the bus through to when working on your coursework, your iPod / MP3 player and your choice of music can help the time go by faster, and help you concentrate.

An iPod / MP3 player can also be a useful tool when it comes to revising.

Now there are three types of people I know when it comes to revising for exams. There are those who plaster notes around their bedrooms and other rooms within the house, meaning they cannot get away from the important facts and figures they need to memorise. There are those who lock themselves in a room where there aren’t any distractions and revise solidly with their books in front of them, and then there are those who record the information they need to memorise onto their iPods or MP3.

If you fall into the last category, I’m jealous (I was the second category type of guy).

That aside, it is important to keep your iPod / MP3 fully charged and working, and at eSpares we stock a range of accessories (including dual USB car chargers, charging and sync docks) for the top brands of MP3 players and iPods, helping you to keep them fully charged, wherever you are and ensuring you can listen to the notes – helping you pass your exams!

With these essentials in hand, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the ground running when you return back to school, making the year a success and passing your exams (whether they be GCSEs or A-Levels) with flying colours – the eSpares team believe in you!

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