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Back To School Doodles

7 Awesome Back to School Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Wow. As you survey your home following the ecstatic weeks of freedom your kids have enjoyed this summer one thought goes through your mind. How am I ever going to clean this up? Quite a few of us here at eSpares have kids so we know your pain if you’re dreading the post-summer holiday cleaning. Luckily we’ve got some excellent cleaning tips here to help!

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Back To School

Back to School Essentials…..for GCSE & A-Level Students

There was a time when preparing to go back to school brought about a bit of excitement after spending six-weeks off; with the fortnight before the first-day back revolving round getting new school uniform and school shoes; through to getting a whole new pencil case and stationery set – which invariably included testing out a number of gel pens in store, only to be told by mum that you weren’t having them.

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