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Back to School! 6 Every Day Uniform Stains and How to Tackle Them

It may seem like this summer has gone by in a flash and it’s already time for the little ones (and big ones!) to head back to school!

This means the start of pack lunch nightmares, rushing for the school run and frantically trying to remove stains from, what was once, a white shirt! Luckily, we’ve got some handy tips and tricks to beat stubborn stains and keep their uniform in top condition!

White Shirt With Pen And Ink Stain

Ink Disasters

From leaky ballpoint pens to felt tip smudges, your children will more than likely come home covered in ink, and it’s not great when it’s on a white shirt! But instead of tirelessly scrubbing, try soaking the clothing in milk! Milk is great for loosening stains so soak it overnight then wash as normal the next day. For seriously stubborn ink stains you can try a specifically targeted ink remover which you can soak it in for up to 10 minutes and watch the ink clear away!

Stuck in the Mud

From running around the playground to football matches with their friends, mud and grass stains can get anywhere and everywhere! For mud, it’s best to wait until it’s dry then remove as much as possible by brushing or vacuuming it away, then place it on a normal wash. For grass stains, try toothpaste! Rub it into the stain with a soft brush and leave overnight before washing. Or, you can try a targeted grass and mud remover for seriously stuck on mud! Results are  better when you ask fast, (easier said than done, we know!)

Kids Playing Football In Field

Close Up On White Shirt Buttons

Runaway Buttons

Loose buttons are a common problem, as daily wear can lead to threads fraying and loosening. To avoid this, dab a small amount of nail polish over shirt buttons to keep the thread in place. It will keep you from digging out the sewing kit week in, week out!

Creative Paints

Your budding artist will most likely come home with a newly decorated school uniform! If the paint is still wet, blot it with paper towels and remove as much as possible. If it’s dried throughout the day, try applying an alcohol-based cleaner such as nail varnish or hairspray, or a specific paint remover and rinse well before washing normally.

Child Using Coloured Paints On Paper

Childs Hands Sticking Glue To Pictures

Stuck on Glue

From clothes, shoes, carpets and even hair, glue can get over everything! The best thing to do is to get a blunt knife and paper towel and gently scrape off the glue, soak the stain in a specific stain remover that targets glue and wash the items as normal. School children are most likely to use adhesive glue, which is safe to put in the washing machine.

The Dreaded Gum

Chewing gum stains are what all parents and guardians dread the most! It can get onto everything and once stuck can be extremely difficult to remove. First, put the item in the freezer and leave it until the gum is brittle enough to be scraped off with a blunt knife. If this isn’t possible, place an ice pack (or frozen peas) on the stain until it hardens, then pick off as much as possible. Soak it with a targeted stain remover and wash in the machine at 40°.

Shoe Stuck In Chewing Gum On Street

So there you have it, some easy tips to keep your school children fresh and stain free. Now all you have to focus on is getting them out of bed in the morning!

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