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Our Brand New Diagnosis Videos

Appliances, there are a lot of them. Appliance spares, there are even more of those. And when it comes to making videos showing you how to fit said spares in said appliances, we’ve really got our work cut out for us. While we’re very proud of the depth and breadth of our videos on our YouTube channel (we’re pushing 400 videos as I write), the list of videos that we make can never be exhausted. So, when it comes to deciding what to film next, we’ve got a LOT to choose from.

However, recently we had a something of an epiphany when we were (figuratively) bashing our heads together for topics in the next video shoot:

“What about diagnosis videos?” someone said.

“Pipe down,” someone else said, “and go and make some coffee”.

“No, think about it,” the first someone said, “we’ve got all these videos showing you how to fit these parts, but what if you don’t know what part you need to fit? What if you don’t know what’s causing the problem in the first place? What happens then?”

“I told you,” the second someone said, “pipe down and go and make some – wait a minute, that’s brilliant! What if you don’t know what’s causing the problem? How will you know what parts you need to change?!”

“Exactly,” the first someone said (with some exasperation).

And so, the latest eSpares videos were born. Consulting our super-smart engineer boffin man (also known as Chris, although he prefers the first title), we’ve looked at all the things that can go wrong in every type of appliance that we sell spares for and we’ll show you how to diagnose the problem and what you need to do. Then, you can check out one of our other videos showing you how to actually perform the repair and fit the spare!

Of course, it’ll take us a bit of time to cover all the appliances, but we’ve made a start by filming the videos below on diagnosing problems in your washing machine. We’ve divided the videos up to cover problems in different areas, such as the heater, the motor, and the pump:

Of course, you can check out the other videos on our YouTube channel for help with loads of repairs too!

Just think of us as ‘eSpares: your spare parts superheroes’…

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