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How to ‘How-To’

One question we’re often asked, via our customer comments, is how we make our videos. Specifically, what technology we use to film, edit, export and upload them. Most people are wanting to create something similar for themselves and looking for advice about buying cameras or editing software. Our intention always is to create in house, informative, helpful videos at the least expense. Thus far I think we have succeeded!

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Electrolux Design Lab Innovation

Electrolux Design Lab

I blogged about this at about this time last year, but you know what? I really think this is a great idea from Electrolux. Their Design Lab competition is aimed at design students from around the world. They are ‘invited to present innovative ideas for household appliances of the future.’Read more

A Quality Lawnmower

Love the lawnmower in this video. I’ve had a go on it, it has a throttle and propels itself, you pretty much just guide it. Great for medium sized gardens. The thing may look pretty gnarly (the cassette blade looks like it’d make a bit of a mess of your extremities), but simply put together and easily maintained.

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OFT launches warranty investigation

Extended warranties offer poor value for money for most consumers. That was clear finding from a piece of research that we published earlier this year – The Billion Pound Waste of Money. We commissioned a detailed report and conducted an extensive survey into the extended warranty market to get a better understanding of what’s going on. We passed on our findings to the Office of Fair Trading and urged them to investigate.

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