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The unexpected expense of a broken appliance is not something any of us needs right now. Thankfully, the Advice Centre is packed full of helpful videos and articles that show you how to fix it yourself, as well as maintenance tips that help prolong the life of all your appliances.

Check out these advice articles and keep your appliances in good working order so they’ll live longer trouble-free lives.

Cookers & Hobs

Over the festive period, your cooker works harder than it does at any other time of year. If it’s not heating up anymore the cooker element might need replacing.

Fridges & Freezers

Packed to bursting point over the holidays with wine, beer, leftover turkey, unwanted sprouts… the motor works overtime, but the most commonly replaced part? Why, the cracked bottle shelf, of course.


In-laws, grandparents, stragglers from the street; it seems as if everyone’s been over for dinner over the last couple of weeks, right? And more people for dinner means more washing up. And that means it’s been like the dishwasher has been constantly running, right? If your cutlery basket has become holier than church on a Sunday, fear not, they are inexpensive and easily replaced.

Washers & Dryers

Staying on the kitchen theme, this January is the perfect time to detox your washing machine. Our limescale & detergent remover is a customer favourite.

Vacuum Cleaners

Cheeselet crumbs, tinsel, Christmas tree needles… filters and vacuum bags can need replacing ready for the New Year.

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