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Fist Through The World

The Power of Reviews

It’s nearly 2 years since we opened up the eSpares website to ratings and reviews. All of our customers can share their opinions about the products they’ve bought. Since then we’ve had tens of thousands of reviews of the parts we sell.

The reviews are moderated before they go live on the site, just to make sure that there’s no swearing or anything offensive. But so long as the review relates to the product and your experience of fitting or using it, it goes up on the site; irrespective of whether it’s positive or negative.

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eSpares Fix It Yourself Video Screenshots

Finding the Right Fix It Yourself Video

Recently we’ve been going a bit nuts on getting Fix It Yourself videos shot and uploaded – so much so that we’ve more than doubled our total amount of videos in the last three months. Now it’s 96 and counting. You might think the more videos we have, the harder it’ll be to find the one you’re after; that’s why we’ve made them all as easy as possible to browse and view. Here’s how you can access our whole library.

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Presenter For The Day – My Foray Into Being on Screen

As you may have noticed if you’ve read previous posts, I have assumed a role as one of the presenters of our How-To videos. Now, this isn’t a natural progression for me, it had not been part of my plan to go all Dave Benson Phillips. In fact, just two months ago, I’d have described myself as a camera-shy fellow who’d never dream of doing anything like that. However, after some gentle, coaxing assurances from co-workers, I decided to give it a crack. Why not I thought, hopefully these videos will give people more confidence to fit spare parts themselves – they seem to have responded positively to Helen, Matt and the gang’s work.

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The eSpares Twitter Manifesto

The eSpares Twitter Manifesto

Do retailers and businesses belong on Twitter? Our answer is yes; particularly if they want to offer superior customer service and accessibility. If, as a business, you are looking to represent your brand via Twitter we would recommend that you write a letter of intent for your customers. If you’d like an example of what we’re talking about here’s our Twitter Manifesto.Read more

Pound Coins With Man And Spanner

Fixing It Yourself = Saving Money

You’ve probably noticed that we’re big on the idea that fixing an appliance with spares can save you a lot of money. In the last 24 hours, we’ve received some fantastic customer reviews that reaffirm our view that the equation “fixing it yourself = saving money” is 100% true. Here are our favourite money-saving reviews from the last 24 hours.

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