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Better Late Than Never

The sunny British Summer (see: some nice weather for a few days) is finally upon us. What better time to take advantage and tackle any nagging unfinished DIY in and around your house and garden?

Right, you’re thinking why in the heck would I waste this weather on DIY? But it’s a known fact* that DIY completion is directly and positively correlated with the capacity to feel pleasure. Simply, the more you DIY the more pleasure you’ll feel in all other aspects of your life. You thought the meal you had last night tasted pretty damn good? Now think, had you cleaned the gutters beforehand, suddenly that pork pie and Special Brew is tasting like a 5* Michelin meal washed down with Moet & Chandon. Or hey, maybe the 5* posh nonsense you were forced to eat is now tasting more like a good ol’ pork pie and brew.

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Its Good to Torx

It’s Good to Torx

I’d always wondered why modern appliances were held together by Torx head screws. I mean, everyone has a flat head or a Phillips screwdriver. Or even an Allen key. A lot less people own Torx head screwdrivers. So why do appliance manufacturers put Torx head screws on their appliances? To annoy us? To make us spend money on Torx head screwdrivers as part of some wild conspiracy?

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The Digital Switchover Is Here

The Digital Switchover…

The digital switchover is well underway. Have you switched over yet? If you’re not sure, Digital UK has a location checker on their website, which tells you if you’ve switched over, or if you haven’t, the year in which it’s scheduled. The switchover has been rolling out to various parts of the country since 2007; we’re currently about 60% through the process – it finishes in 2012.Read more

Dishwasher With White Crockery

It’s more than just the money

Fixing a home appliance yourself actually feels good.

I’m quite used to fixing home appliances in front of the camera for the eSpares how-to videos. It’s a completely different kind of working day from the usual meetings and sitting at my desk. I really enjoy taking appliances apart and discovering (usually) how easy it is to fit spare parts and get them working again. Fixing it in front of the camera and thinking about how we can make the process as clear as possible for the viewer is sometimes challenging, but it’s incredibly rewarding too; particularly when we get customer comments through the eSpares site or through YouTube. Most viewers really appreciate the effort that we’ve gone to in helping them fix their appliance.Read more

TV And Remote Control

How To Replace A Television Remote – New Video

Okay, you’ve lost your TV remote. Well, maybe it wasn’t you who did it, it was the kids. Perhaps technically it can’t be considered lost lost because the kids decided that it was much better used as a hammer or as buried treasure. Basically these scenarios are leading down a winding path where you’ve now got a fully functioning television but no remote control. Does this sound familiar?

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Cracked Egg Plastered Up

Hack things better with Sugru

Sugru is a really cool new product that I’ve been boring my colleagues about for a couple of months now. It’s a silicone molding clay/glue that you can shape to fit more or less anything. It sticks to most things, cures overnight and is flexible, durable and heat resistant. It’s one of those things that you can’t quite believe hadn’t already been invented.

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