Easy Peasy Cleaning In Your House

Easy Peasy Cleaning Tips and Tricks

No one likes cleaning. But alas, it must be done! Follow these simple steps to keep your home looking spick and span all year round! 

Work Clockwise

When tackling the kitchen, start from the right of your cooker and move clockwise around the room. The cooker area tends to be the grubbiest. Start there and work your way ‘round the kitchen. Start by soaking your cooker drip and grease pans. By the time you’ve worked your way ‘round the kitchen, they’ll have had time to sit and will be easier to clean.

Sanitise Your Sink

It’s been claimed that your kitchen sink basin can actually acquire more germs than a toilet seat (bleck!). If you’ve not already got a disinfectant, you can make your own. After you’ve cleaned with water and soap, use a spray bottle and mist white vinegar all over the surface, then wipe down. If you have a stainless steel sink you can also help make it sparkle by putting a drop of mineral oil onto a soft cloth and wipe down. This helps deter water build-up and protects the sink from mould.

Dishwasher Duty

If you use your dishwasher quite regularly, run it on an empty cycle with a quarter cup of bleach. This kills any lingering bacteria.

Oven Love

Line the bottom of your oven with a non-stick oven liner. This will help protect the inside and keep it easy to clean.

Be Paper-Towel Free

Get in the habit of using micro-fibre cloths in and around the home for cleaning. They are more durable, re-usable and machine washable.

Sparkling Sponge

Your kitchen sponge is a great breeding ground for bacteria. After you’ve done all the day’s cleaning, zap the sponge in the microwave on high for a minute to help kill any remaining bacteria.

Random rubbish

Make a ‘lost and found’. You can use a cool antique box or whatever you’ve got to stash miscellaneous game pieces or electronics that might get separated from their ‘homes’. Provide a home for stray buttons, screws or similar items that end up where they don’t belong!

Do a quick 5 minute sweep through every room in your home and collect items that shouldn’t be where they are – magazines, clothes, shoes and the like.


Simple steps but when put into practice will make for an all-round happy home!


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