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Garden accessories to spruce up your outdoor space

After hours of mowing, cutting, pruning and planting, it’s time for the fun bit! Complete your outdoor space with a range of stylish accessories to give your garden the boost it needs whether you’re entertaining or relaxing this summer.

Whether you’ve got a big blooming garden, a small haven or a cosy balcony, here are 10 accessories that will transform your outdoor space.

Light it up!

Solar Powered Lighting In Garden

First and foremost, every outdoor space needs the right lighting! Solar-powered lights are great for the outdoors as they are powered by the sun which means no cables or batteries required! You can hang them, use them to light up pathways or just to add some decoration to your garden.

Security lighting is also a must for your outdoor spaces. Invest in motion sensors or floodlights to deter unwanted guests and keep your home safe and secure.

Set the mood

Fairy Lights In Garden

Now that your garden is brightly lit, it’s time to include some mood lighting too! Hang fairy lights from patios or wrap them around your balcony to give your outdoor spaces a delightful twinkle. Invest in some attractive candle holders and set the mood for the late evenings to enjoy the great outdoors!

Hang about

Hanging Basket In Garden

You may have included beautiful flowers in pots and flower beds, but don’t forget to hang them up too! Hanging baskets are a great way to add beautiful colour at eye level, so you can really impress your guests. Also, if your garden is smaller or you have a balcony, hanging baskets are a great way to include your favourite flowers without taking up too much space.

Get reflective

Mirror In Garden

This trick is great for adding style as well as making gardens look bigger! If your outdoor spaces are on the smaller side, adding a large mirror or lots of smaller ones can create the illusion of more space. They can also be used to reflect light into shady areas and jazz up tired-looking walls.

Add a splash of art

Statue And Flowers In Garden

Add a bit of personality to your garden by including some beautiful sculptures and ornaments. Whether you’re a classic gnome lover, want to create a fairy garden or include your favourite flowers and animals, decide your theme and cover your outdoor areas with the things you love the most.

Beat the cold

Fire Pit In Garden

When the sun goes down but you’re not quite ready to go inside yet, conquer the chill with a fire pit. Not only will these keep you cosy on chilly evenings, but they also look great too. You’ll definitely be the host with the most with this added feature!

Turn up the heat

Barbecue In Garden

Speaking of entertaining, you’re going to need to fill some stomachs too! Get your grill on and invest in a barbecue and some grilling accessories to serve up a smoking summer feast! If you’re in need of some help, we’ve got some great barbecue hacks to make you the boss of the barbecue and even some veggie and vegan recipes to cater to all your guests too!

Embrace nature

Insect Hotel In Garden

Your outdoor areas wouldn’t be perfect without being able to enjoy a spot of nature watching! Welcome birds, bees, squirrels and other furry friends into your garden and give them a helping hand too! You can do this by investing in birdhousesfeeders or insect hotels to provide food, water and shelter for these important species. Check out our tips on how to attract nature and wildlife into your garden.

Say buzz off to pests

Pest Control In Garden

Speaking of nature, not all species are so welcome! To ensure you’re not sharing your space (or food) with any pesky pests, invest in some outdoor pest repellents to keep them at bay and enjoy your garden without flapping about and resorting to returning indoors!

Get comfy

Garden Chair Outdoors

Sit and admire your beautiful garden with comfy chairs or a furniture set. You don’t have to break the bank, just invest in a simple table and chairs set or cosy sun loungers. Already have these? Why not just give them a lick of paint or add some new outdoor cushions to give them a summer makeover. Whatever furniture you have, be sure to keep it covered when not in use to keep it looking fresh and protected from the elements.

Need some inspiration from the experts? Check out these inspirational gardening accounts to get some great tips and advice to really embrace your outdoor areas this summer!

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