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How to attract nature and wildlife into your garden

Whether you have a huge lawn, a small piece of paradise, a concrete yard or even just a balcony, there are plenty of ways to welcome nature and wildlife to your outdoor space.

Bringing wildlife into your garden is a win-win. As well as providing a safe haven with food and shelter for animals and insects, your garden will improve too! Wild visitors aren’t only pretty to look at, but they will improve your garden’s production, keep pests at bay and encourage growth.

Here we have 5 easy ways you can attract more wildlife into your outdoors.

Let It Grow

Butterflies In Long GrassIf you’re not an avid mower, this may be music to your ears! An overly manicured space leaves little room for wildlife, so try and mow your garden a little less frequently. Even just a patch that’s left uncut or a planter would do the trick. This allows plants such as daisies, clovers and buttercups to grow which offer food, shelter and a breeding ground for insects. This, in turn, provides food for birds and small mammals like hedgehogs.

Tree Cheers!

Wild Birds In Tree
Research shows that wildlife is more attracted to gardens that have trees! If you have a good-sized garden, try planting trees such as silver birch which provides food and habitat for more than 300 insect species. For small spaces, try planting dogwood which helps to feed insects, mammals and birds.

Keep It Cosy

Insect And Bee Hotel
Of course, there is nothing more attractive than a cosy place to stay! If you’re looking to attract a particular species to your garden, a ready-made home is a great option. For birds, you can try a bird hotel that provides food and a safe space away from predators. If you’re looking to welcome insects and bees, there are hotels specific for these creatures too which they can use as a shelter and a refuge in the winter months.

Hydration Station

Squirrel Drinking From Pond
Water is essential for wildlife, especially in the warmer seasons. Place some water next to trees or plants so wildlife can easily approach them. If you have room, adding a pond would give insects and amphibians a place to live and breed. However, if space is tight, a small dish would be fine as this will not only provide a nice drink but bathing water for birds and mammals too. Just be sure to change the water regularly to keep it clean and provide a ramp on one side so animals won’t get stuck in the water.

Feeding Time

Window Bird Feeder
Last but not least, serve up an extra meal! Easy access to food is a great way to attract any species into your garden. If you have more space you could invest in a bird feeding station, which will provide an all-in-one feeding solution for birds. For smaller gardens, you can invest in nut feeders or seed feeders which will attract birds to your outdoors. If you only have a balcony or even no outdoors at all, you can still enjoy wildlife by installing a window bird feeder instead.

While you’re setting up your garden ready for the wonderful wildlife to arrive, why not give it a spruce up for yourself too! Check out our top tips for getting your garden furniture and features back into shape.

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