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Get your Garden Furniture and Features Back in Shape

When spring rolls around, getting your garden back into shape is often the first port of call. After all, that’s where you’ll be spending much of your free time in the coming months. However, when it comes to revitalising your garden, there are more areas that require attention than just lawn and flower care.

From patios to dining sets, garden furniture and accessories often take up as much of your outdoor space as greenery does. If this applies to your garden, here are a few helpful tips to help you get your garden furniture, features and decorations back into shape this spring.

Sand Away

Electric Sander on Table

Outdoor furniture can often end up looking somewhat weathered, even if you store and care for it correctly. It’s just a fact that outdoor furnishings will take a bit more of a battering than indoor furnishings due to the elements. Fortunately, this doesn’t spell the end for your patio furniture. After getting your wooden furnishings out and giving them a good clean, try sanding down the more weathered areas to even them out and get them looking as good as new. Sanding is also a great way to remove rust from outdoor metal furniture too – just make sure you use heavy-duty sandpaper to really get the job done.

No Room for Rust

Rusty Garden Furniture

While rust may be removable, it’s always a good idea to take precautionary steps to keep it from accumulating in the first place. From furniture to garden fences and gates, just about anything metallic outdoors is likely going to feel the wrath of rust sooner or later. Luckily, there are some great sprays that help to protect outdoor furnishings and features from this. This will both help to prevent future damage from natural wear and tear, and also keep your metal garden features looking as slick as ever.

Apply a Little Pressure

Pressure Washer Spraying Patio

Pressure washers can be a godsend when it comes to tackling any dirt, grime or filth that’s built up over your garden spaces throughout winter. From your furniture to your patio and pavings, from wood to concrete, a pressure washer can work wonders in restoring a nice, clean and sleek look to your garden space. Obviously, you’re going to want to avoid areas with grass and flowers (pressure washers have a real kick to them, and you don’t want to damage your greenery!), but pressure washers can deliver the powerful cleansing your non-green outdoor spaces desperately need. You can even use one to blast your dirty patio cushions and make them presentable again, as long as they’re sturdy enough to handle the pressure!

A Sprinkle of Vinegar

Glass Table on Patio

Glass furnishings such as outdoor tables can be especially troublesome to keep clean. It doesn’t take long for that cloudy look to set in, and that’s a look nobody wants for their garden furniture. However, a little bit of white vinegar can go a long way. As it is acidic and contains no colouring agents, using a little white vinegar for a good scrubbing session can get your glass tabletops shining and looking spick and span before you know it. Make sure you use the right amount of elbow grease though! Too little and you won’t achieve the results you want, and too much… well, the last thing you want is to shatter your furniture alongside your hopes for a nice, see-through finish!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog on getting your garden furniture and features back into shape. On the topic of cleaning things for spring, make sure you read up on how to clean your barbecue too! After all, the best way to kick spring off is with an outdoor feast.

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