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Inspirational gardening accounts you should be following

It’s the summer of gardening, planting and potting and if you’re stuck for inspo, we’ve got just the thing!

Here are 8 gardening accounts on Instagram we think every gardener needs to be following! Whether you’re an expert, a first-time gardener or looking to spruce up your balcony space, there’s something here for everyone.

Best for the beginners

bigcitygardener is a great account for first-time gardeners. Owner, Timothy Hammond fills the page with easy-to-follow tutorials, top tips and everything you need to know to get you started.

Best for growing fruit and veg

If you’re looking at growing your own fruit and veggies or looking for tips on caring for them, Charles Dowding’s account is a great one to follow. He has some fantastic how-to videos and even offers online courses to those looking to boost their gardening knowledge. Check it out!

Best for mental health

You Grow Girl uses Instagram to show how gardening is good for our emotional and physical health. She talks of her experiences, shares her gardening knowledge and posts inspiring photos of plants and greenery.

Best for indoor gardening

The House Plant Journal provides everything you need to know about growing and nurturing houseplants. Founder, Darryl Cheng has some great tips on which houseplants to buy, how to care for them and how to be a “responsible plant parent!”

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Words that describe light make it seem uniform and unchanging but once you use a light meter, you will see the drastic differences in intensity from small changes in position. – 2️⃣ As I move closer to the window while still being blocked from the sun, the reason for the increase in light is from the increasing visible angle of the sky – just a few feet closer results in nearly doubling (from 130 foot-candles to 230 fc) – now do you understand why I keep saying ***put your plant where it has the widest possible view of the sky***??? – 3️⃣ But the second part of my guideline is about the duration of direct sun: the light meter has different ranges so if the reading surpasses the current range, it will show '1___' – click the Range button and notice the little 'x10' at the bottom of the screen, which means morning sun, through a window was around 3000 fc. – What's the reading for direct sun outside? What about partially shaded by trees? Hit the link in my profile to learn more. – IG Live today at 11am EST! ~ ~ #monsteradeliciosa #monstera #monsteramonday #houseplants #urbanjunglebloggers #houseplantclub #plantdad #plantobsession #plantparenthood #greenthumb #foliage #leaflove #lightanalysis #light #chasinglight #lightmeter #drmeter #sunroom #solarium #plantyspace

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Best for colour

Take inspiration from the beautiful colours of Proven Winners. Every post is just as colourful as the last so if you’re looking for ideas to brighten up your garden, this is the account for you!

Best for greenhouses

If you’re a greenhouse grower, thegoodlifeainteasy is a great account to follow. Owner, Rachel has some great tips and tricks as well as information about planting and allotment use too.

 Best for balconies

Small balcony and not sure how to make it look good? Follow mariexgarden for some fabulous inspiration. Owner, Marie posts her own balcony ideas and shares what to plant to make your balcony look fabulous!

Best for exploring

Discover the most beautiful plants and gardens from around the world from the comfort of your sofa! kewgardens posts stunning photos of the most beautiful flowers and fungi and educates us on their story and where they are from. A definite follow for garden lovers!

Now you’re all inspired to revamp your outdoor space, we’ve got some tips on saving money on your gardening chores too!

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