Darkness Inside Tumble Dryer

How to tackle tumble dryer nightmares

If there’s something strange, in your tumble dryer. Who you gonna call? eSpares!

That’s right! We’re here to help you fight dryer frights and banish tumbling beasts for a drying experience that gives you no more nightmares.

Here are some common tumble dryer terrors that are sure to make scream! But, don’t fear, because our fault busters are here to save you and your appliance from unexpected frights.

Dryer goblins shrinking your clothing?

Woman Holding Shrunken Jumper

Nothing fills us more with fear than putting our favourite top in the tumble dryer and praying it comes out the same size! If your clothes are shrinking in the dryer, it isn’t little goblins laughing behind the door, it could be how you’re using it. Here are 5 tips to help shrinking screamers:

1. Always read the label
Different fabrics should have different drying times and heat settings. Get clued up on what works with what fabric and always check the label. Some fabrics, like silk, shouldn’t be tumble dried at all!

2. Dry clothes on a low heat
It may take them longer to dry, but it will stop your clothing from shrinking. High heats can damage the fibres and this affects some fabrics more than others.

3. Don’t over-dry
The longer your clothes are left in heat, the more likely they are to shrink. Take your load out of the dryer as soon as it is finished. If your items are still slightly damp, just hang them up to dry.

4. Wash your clothing in cold water beforehand
Washing your clothing in warm water before tumble drying can cause them to shrink. Using cold water should help prevent this and it is less damaging to fabrics.

5. Don’t tumble too often
Try and let your clothes air dry from time to time. It can be hard and take a lot longer in the cold weather months but switching tumble drying for air drying will reduce the risk of shrinking.

Clothing coming out ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Man Wearing Socks With Holes

If your clothes are coming out the dryer with holes and burn marks, it could be a fault with your dryer drum bearings. The drum bearings help your dryer to spin smoothly. If it’s unbalanced and not aligned, fabric can slip between the drum and the dryer housing and cause streaks, burns and holes.
Check out our handy how-to video to help you diagnose and fix this issue:

Energy bills screamingly high?

Woman Shocked At Energy Bill

If your energy bills are suddenly creeping up on you, it could be down to your tumble dryer usage. A way to help this is to invest in some energy saving tumble dryer balls. Using these can actually reduce drying time by up to 25%! As well as saving you money, they are a natural, eco-friendly alternative to fabric softeners, ideal for sensitive skin and can even reduce creases. Simply put them in with your usual load and let them do their magic.

Foul smells coming from your dryer?

Man Looking Inside Dryer

Don’t worry, there is nothing rotting in your dryer, it may just need a good clean! Make sure your machine is disconnected and fully cooled down before you start. Then, clean the inside of your dryer, the sensor and the heat exchanger. Be sure to empty the water reservoir in condenser dryers after every cycle too to prevent bad smells. While you’re at it, don’t forget to also clear your dryer lint after every cycle too as this can be a fire hazard. Use your vacuum crevice tool to ensure your machine is completely lint-free.

Top tip: For an extra smelly dryer, spray white vinegar onto a few old towels. Put inside the dryer and run a drying cycle to neutralise any remaining odour.

Clothes still look like they’ve been in the swamp?

Woman Shocked At Clothes Pile

If your clothing is coming out of the dryer still looking wet and gloomy, there are a few things you could do to prevent it.

Untangle – The first, make sure all your clothing is untangled before you put it into the dryer. Tangled or scrunched up clothing can take a lot longer to dry and you may have to do two cycles.

Don’t overload – Putting more things in your dryer is actually counter-productive. Adding too much fabric can reduce its efficiency and ability to dry clothes properly. Be sure to only put in as much as your dryer holds and make sure there is room for it to move around while drying.

We hope this has helped you banish those tumble dryer horrors! For more help with using your dryer efficiently, check out these 6 items that should be banished from the dryer forever. Muhahaha!

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