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6 Things You Should Never Put In The Tumble Dryer

Your tumble dryer is a time saving, laundry clearing hero! But be aware, there are some items that should never go near your machine!

Shrinking, snagging and breaking are the words we definitely don’t want to hear when talking about tumble dryers! We advise to always check the care label before adding items to your dryer, but here are 6 items that could be damaged and could even affect your dryer.

Hand Holding A Red Bra


Tumble dryer heat is too much for your delicate bras which could cause them to lose their elasticity and shape. Not to mention that the underwire can get stuck in the machine drum if it’s loose and no one wants that! Its much better to lie them flat on a towel and leave them to dry naturally.


We’re not talking gold chains and hoop earrings,(although you shouldn’t put those in either!) but embellishments such as sequins and gems on your clothing. Tumble drying these will cause them to fall off or snag other garments if they get tangled and could even damage your machine. Hang them out to dry instead or if the material is delicate, place them on a flat towel.

Close Up Of Pink Sequins On Clothes

Row Of Legs In Colourful Tights


If you don’t want to pull out tights that could potentially fit your children, don’t tumble dry your tights! The delicate material will shrink and the spinning will cause them to tangle and un-knotting tights is definitely not how we want to spend our time!


It’s depressing washing your swimming cozzie after returning from holiday, but what could make it worse is if your tumble dryer ruined it! The hot temperature could damage the lycra in your swimsuits and cause it to become brittle and broken. Save your beachwear and leave them to dry on a rack instead.

Swim Suit And Trunks On Washing Line

Grey Trainers With White Background


If you’ve paid a lot for your trainers, you definitely don’t want to risk tumble drying them! The heat from the dryer could shrink the rubber, damage the cushioning and adhesives and leave your trainers unable to do their job properly. Leave them out to dry on a towel in a warm room.

Rubber-backed Rugs

These rugs may be small enough to fit in your dryer and it may be much easier just to stick them in,  but you’ll be doing more harm than good! The rubber will crumble in the heat and could even cause your dryer to overheat and catch fire. Leave them out to dry or drape them over your shower rail when it’s not in use to save space and dry naturally!

Hand Lifting Up Rug To See Underneath

For more tips to make sure you’re using your tumble dryer correctly, check out these 7 common dryer mistakes. 

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