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Revealed! How Often We Are Cleaning Our Appliances!

If you’re a clean freak, we advise you to look away now!

According to research from Thomas Sanderson, a shocking 39% of people would rather chuck their dirty appliance rather than clean it! Not only that, many of us are abandoning our appliance cleaning duties with the fridge suffering the most. (Someone call Kim and Aggie!)

Is it time to clean up your act and brush up on your cleaning skills? Take our poll on how often you clean your appliances and find out when and how we should be doing these important household chores…



If you answered once every year, you’re not alone! The fridge is the least cleaned appliance of them all, which is scary considering it’s the place we store our food! Generally, you should be giving your fridge a daily wipe to remove any spills or leaks and clearing out any leftover foods once a week. For your deep clean, it’s a good idea to do it at the start of every season.

Washing Machine


Next up is the washing machine, with most of us leaving 123 days in-between cleans! Your washing machine keeps your clothes clean so it too deserves a good clean more often. Once a month, run a hot wash with some washing machine cleaner and descaler which will not only keep your clothes coming out clean but also prolong the life of your machine.



We agree, your oven is a tricky one to tackle and most people leave 120 days before they give it a deep clean. But, the longer you leave it, the harder the job. It’s best to give your oven a wipe over and check for any spills after each use. Give it a deep clean every 6 months to keep it in top condition.

Check out our tips to make cleaning your oven a breeze.



The survey states that most people leave 60 days before cleaning their microwave! Whether it’s heating up your dinner or defrosting food, chances are you spend a lot of time with your microwave! Spills and stains left for too long can lead to a very smelly microwave so be sure to clean these away as they happen. For your deep clean, it best to do this once a week. A great hack is to heat a bowl of water with lemon slices in the microwave for 3 minutes. This will loosen any stuck-on stains and make it a great deal easier to clean.



Most people clean their toasters every 1-2 weeks which is exactly what you should be doing! When left uncleaned, a dirty toaster can be a fire hazard. If you use your toaster daily, make sure you empty the crumbs tray once a week or turn it upside down and give it a tap over the bin. Give it a thorough clean every couple of weeks which will leave you with tasty toast and a happy kitchen!

And last but certainly not least…


If you answered replace, you’ll have made us very sad! Cleaning your appliances can be daunting but just a bit of elbow grease can save your pocket and the environment. It’s best to keep on top of spills and leaks then the deep clean won’t be that bad. We’ve got some great hacks to make cleaning a great deal easier on our blog and even some tips to clean your stainless steel too!

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