Hands in Rubber Gloves Cleaning Front Of Oven

Household Items You Didn’t Know Could Clean Your Oven!

“I love cleaning my oven,” said nobody, ever! The grease, the grime, the stuck-on food, is there any other cleaning job that fills you with such dread?

Not to worry, because rather than spend your hard-earned cash on cleaners and brushes, you can use products that already exist in your cupboards! Here are 5 items you can use to help your oven become sparkling clean, odour free and even prevent it from becoming a chore in the future – take that oven cleaning nightmares!

Hands In Rubber Gloves Spraying Solution On Oven Glass


Glass Scraper

Glass Scrapers are often used to remove paint and adhesives from glass around the house – so why not use it for your oven door! Glass scrapers are extremely handy in removing grease stains from your oven door without damaging the glass.  And, if the door is removable, a great tip is to unscrew it, soak in it oven cleaner and gently scrape away the dirt – easy!


An Old Toothbrush

Small enough to get to those hard to reach areas, the toothbrush is an essential oven cleaning tool! Its soft bristles and flexible head allow you to clean areas that normal cleaning equipment just can’t get to. If you have an old electric toothbrush – even better – the vibration will help to loosen burnt-on food!

Red Toothbrush With Blue Bristles

Gas Oven Hobs On White Oven


Car Wax 

A dirty hob is a sign of a dirty oven! Car wax is your answer! Use a thin layer to help remove built-up grease and simply wipe away. If any stubborn dirt remains, use oven cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. Your oven will look as good as new!



To clear that sneaky grease and dirt that has snuck between your glass panels, simply use your screwdriver to unscrew the oven door and scrub away unwanted debris. This will give your oven the deep clean it needs and leave no stone unturned!

Male Unscrewing Oven Door

Glass Bottle Of Vegetable Oil


Vegetable Oil

It may sound strange but you can actually remove oil with oil! Place a couple of drops of vegetable oil on a paper towel and rub it over the greasy area. Wipe over with your normal cleaner to ensure all oil has been removed.  Not only does this method help remove greasy build-up, it even makes future cleaning a whole lot easier!


Dishwasher Tablets

Why have we never thought of this before! Dishwasher tablets are great at removing dirt and stuck-on food in a dishwasher, so why should it be any different for your oven? Dip half a dishwasher tablet in a bowl of warm water and rub it over the built-up grease on your oven door. You’ll see the burnt-on dirt wash away with minimal scrubbing.

Dishwasher Tablet On White Background

For more oven cleaning tips, check out these easy and natural ways to deep clean your oven!

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