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Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed!

Don’t you just hate chopping onions, opening stubborn jars and trying to measure the right amount of pasta? Well, with these nifty little kitchen gadgets you no longer have to!

Cooking should be a joy, not a chore! And more and more we’re seeing new kitchen inventions that are revolutionising the way we make and prepare food. We believe adding these funky kitchen tools into your routine will make your cooking life a whole lot easier (and a bit more fun!)

No More Tears!

Goggles In An Onion Shape Next To Chopped Onions

Tired of looking like you’ve just watched The Notebook 10 times after chopping your onions? You need some onion goggles! Protect your eyes (and your make up) with these snazzy goggles that are even shaped like onions to get you in the onion chopping zone and look good in the process!

Beat Stubborn Jars!

Show stubborn jars who’s boss with this easy to use jar opener! Save the embarrassment and your hands and let the opener do all the hard work for you. The extendable gadget can be used to open jars, bottle tops, medicine bottles and even turn on stiff taps, genius!

Hands Opening Jar With Opener

Lingering Smells Be Gone!

Stainless Steel Soap Rub With Onion

It’s true that onion and garlic add great flavour to your food, but it’s not so great when the smell lingers on your hands for hours! Introducing the Rub-a-way odour removing bar designed to instantly remove strong smells and freshen up your hands. Made from stainless steel, the bar acts just like a bar of soap and it’s reusable! Just rub it on your hands with water and voila, the smell is gone!

Protect Your Pinkys!

Love pineapple but hate cutting it? We’ve got just the thing! This ProCook Pineapple Cutter will peel, core and slice your pineapple all in one go and you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers caught. It even leaves the shell intact to be used as a fruit salad bowl, ice cream holder or for those tropical cocktails! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

Pineapple Slicer With Pineapple

Goodbye Pasta Problems!

Wooden Pasta Separator With Holes For Amounts Of People

Making pasta is a dangerous game! Too much is a waste and too little is a disappointment, but this pasta portioner is the ultimate game changer! Measure out the exact amount you need for one, two or three people, adding more if necessary, and never have to fear those pasta dishes again! It’s even shaped like a fork for easy stirring and taste checks.

No More Burnt Fingers!

Take a moment to appreciate this miracle invention! How many hours have you spent trying to empty water from the pan without burning your fingers as well as keeping your food from falling into the sink? Too many is the answer! But with this slip-on spout, you no longer have to worry. It simply clips on the end of your pan, bowl or pot and makes pouring a whole lot easier and less messy.

Spout Attached To Pan Pouring Soup

If we’ve left you thirsty for more impressive, time-saving gadgets, check out these super cool BBQ tools to seriously impress your guests this summer!

Let us know what gadgets you’d like to see invented to make life easier! Comment below or visit our Facebook page.

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