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Seriously Cool Gadgets to Save You From BBQ Fails This Summer!

It’s National BBQ Week and we’re celebrating by bringing you some of the best gadgets to seriously up your BBQ game.

Say goodbye to overcooked meat, cold beers and scrubbing the BBQ because with these super cool accessories you cant go wrong. Impress your guests and be crowned the King or Queen of the BBQ!

Go Where No BBQ’ers Gone Before

BBQ Pizza Oven For BBQ Grill

Pizza Oven

A BBQ with pizza sounds like a dream! And that dream can finally come true with this impressive Portable BBQ Pizza Oven. Simply slot it on your BBQ and serve your guests restaurant quality pizza. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, it heats up super fast and your pizza will be ready in 2-4 minutes!

Red Toolbox Folded Out To BBQ

BBQ Toolbox

For a BBQ on the go and a seriously stylish one at that, this BBQ Tool Box beats those portable foil trays hands down! Designed like a true toolbox, the BBQ easily folds up and has a handle for transportation. The handles even fold down to act as feet so you don’t leave dreaded burnt patches wherever you go!

Large Extendable BBQ Grill

Grill Extension

Why wait for one thing at a time when you can cook extra food with this snazzy expandable grill! Designed to fit most BBQ’s, the grill makes it extremely easy to cook your burgers, sausages and drumsticks all at once while you sit back, relax and be saved from hungry guests!


BBQ Like a Boss

BBQ Branding Iron With Pile Of Letters

BBQ Branding Iron

Let everyone know who’s boss by branding your masterpieces with your name or message with this BBQ Branding Iron. This genius tool comes with 52 single letters and 8 spaces so you can really leave your mark!

Meat Thermometer With Animal PicturesMeat Thermometer

Say goodbye to overcooked BBQ food and become the master of meats with this easy to use Meat Thermometer. Simply place the probe into the meat and the dial will tell you when its at the perfect temperature.

BBQ Skewer Sticks And Rack Kebab and Skewers Rack

Serve up some scrumptious ready made skewers with this handy kebab and skewers rack. Built with a heat shield, the rack allows you to cook skewers without using tools and protects your hands. It even folds away for easy storage.

Impress Your Guests

Beer Glass With Glass Shaped Cold Cover

Beer Freeze

There’s nothing worse than enjoying your BBQ to find your beer’s gone warm or having to get up off your sun lounger to go back to the fridge! Behold, this genius pint shaped Beer Freeze will instantly chill any beverage and keep it cold without affecting the taste.

Wine And Glasses Holder Stuck In Grass

Outdoor Bottle and Glass Holder

Save your guests from the dreaded wine spills with this handy bottle and glass holder. Simply stick them in the ground and have your drink in arms reach whenever you want it! Pretty handy when you’re slaving away at the BBQ!


…And Look Good in The Process

BBQ Sword And Mask

BBQ Sword

Be the hero of the BBQ with this seriously must-have BBQ sword and mask! Your guests will be full of envy when you serve up their sausages in this fine attire. The handle is easy to grip and protects your hands from the flames (and the mask is just for fun!) One for all and all to the BBQ!

Star Wars BBQ Lightsaber Tongs

Star Wars Tongs

Turn your burgers to the dark side with these uber cool Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ tongs. The heat resistant handle resembles the look of a lightsaber and comes with a red cover to complete the look! If that’s not enough, the tongs even make a vwoom sound as you BBQ to make cooking extra enjoyable!

Personalised BBQ Apron With Words Barbeque Boss

Personalised Apron

Show them who’s the BBQ boss with your very own personalised apron! Print your name or own personalised message, choose from a selection of colours and let no one else take the glory! You own the BBQ, you cooked the food (and you also want to protect your clothes!)

Never Have to Scrub Again!

BBQ Hotplate Liner

Hotplate Liner

Never have to worry about stuck-on food or sticky marinades again with this easy clean hotplate liner. Designed for BBQ use, it will save you from scrubbing and you can just wipe away the dirt.

Green BBQ Cover

BBQ Cover

Keep your BBQ protected in all weathers with this handy large BBQ cover and keep it lasting for years to come. The cover drapes over the top and will keep it clean come rain or snow!

Espares Premium BBQ Cleaner

BBQ Cleaner

When you do need to clean your BBQ, make sure it’s with this premium BBQ cleaner. Simply spray it on, wait a few minutes and wipe away the dirt and food debris with little elbow grease.


You’ve got the accessories, now it’s time for the cooking!

Happy BBQ’ing!

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