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10 Freezer Hacks That Will Save the Day

Does the thought of getting gum stuck to your clothes or having to drink a warm beer give you chills? Your freezer can be the hero of the hour!

We won’t freeze you out of getting the most from your appliance. Read these hacks and your love for your freezer will be true and undying forever more.

Frozen Fruit Juice In Ice Cube Tray


Ingenious Ice Cubes

Mix leftover herbs with melted butter or olive oil and pour into ice cube trays to make frozen flavour cubes you can add to your cooking. This tip also works for wine and stock or you can make juice, tea or coffee ice cubes to cool your drinks without diluting them.


Water Bottle With Wet Paper Towel In Freezer


Cold Drinks Fast

Wrap a wet paper towel or piece of kitchen roll around a bottle of beer or soft drink you’re forgotten to cool in advance. Put it in your freezer and the drink will soon be ice cold. If you have room in your freezer another tip is to submerge your bottles in a bowl of salty ice water.


Defrosting Freezer With Hairdryer


Dryer Defrosting

Use a hairdryer on the hot setting to defrost your freezer fast. Just make sure to put an old towel down first to soak up the water and avoid a very soggy kitchen floor. We’ve got a whole article dedicated to hairdryer hacks so if you want more tips, check it out!


Clothing With Chewing Gum In Freezer


Gum Removal

Favourite top got gum stuck to it? Disaster! What could possibly save your clothing? Your freezer, that’s what. Freeze the soiled item so that the gum hardens and can be chipped off.


Candle Kept In Freezer


Long-lasting Candles

If you’re the romantic type and like to light candles every now and then to improve the atmosphere, store them in the freezer first before you light them to extend the burning time.


Sponge In Bag In Freezer


Homemade Icepack

Need to keep food and drinks cool outside the fridge, but don’t have an ice pack? No problem! Freeze a waterlogged sponge in a watertight Ziploc bag instead to make a homemade one.


Sliced Banana In Bowl



3-Step Banana “Ice Cream”

If you’re craving ice cream on a hot day, but trying to be healthy we’ve got the perfect alternative. All you need to do is:

  • Peel and slice a banana
  • Keep it in the freezer until frozen
  • Blend until smooth



Candle With Dripping Wax


Wax Removal

Similar to the chewing gum tip, you can also remove spilled wax the same way. Freeze an item that’s had wax spilt on it, then chip the wax off once it’s frozen.


Grapes In Bowl In Freezer


Frozen Grapes

As wine connoisseurs know white wine is best enjoyed cold. To keep your vino chilled on hot days freeze some grapes to uses as ice cubes that won’t dilute your drink.


Water Bottles In Freezer


Energy Saver

If you’ve still got spare room in your freezer after all these hacks, fill the empty spaces with bottles of water. The fuller your freezer is, the more efficiently it will run.


Who knows, having these freezing hacks up your sleeve could even be a good ice breaker (or maybe we’re assuming other people spend as much time talking about appliances as we do).

If you’re hungry for more hacks we’ve got them. Here are some vacuum cleaning tips and we promise they don’t suck!

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