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10 Vacuuming Hacks That Will Make You Say ‘I’m Trying This’

It’s time to come clean. Does your vacuum spend most of its time just sitting there gathering dust? Sporadic vacuumers, you know who you are. If you really want to get your money’s worth whilst vacuuming we can show you how to put your cleaner to work in ways that are a little bit cleverer than just running it across the carpet.

Plug in and learn some alternative uses for your vacuum that definitely don’t suck.

Gold Earrings on Dressing Table

Finding Small Lost Items

Butterfingers! How will you ever find that tiny earring back or screw you’ve just dropped? Here’s how. Grab your vac, secure an old pair of tights over the end of the nozzle with an elastic band and run it over the floor. Small items will be safely sucked up, but not sucked into the dark depths of your vacuum’s inner workings.

Clothes In Plastic Vacuum Bag

Making DIY Vacuum Bags

A simple bin bag full of clothes can be turned into a vacuum bag that takes up less space in your wardrobe. Pop your vacuum hose into the top of the bag, suck out as much air as you can and seal firmly with an elastic band. This will only work for bags without any holes so take care not to rip or tear the bag as this will undo the effect.

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Deodorising Your Home

Pop a fragranced dryer sheet in your vacuum bag or bin (depending on your preferred type of cleaner). That way whenever you vacuum the fragrance will be released and your home will smell lovely. If you don’t use dryer sheets then you can get dedicated vacuum air fresheners to use with your appliance instead.

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Deflating Air Mattresses

How is it that air mattresses fit so perfectly into their packaging, but as soon as you’ve inflated them once getting them back into their bag or box can seem an impossible feat? Never fear, your vacuum’s here! Vacuum excess air out of your mattress to store it compactly and next time you want to speedily blow it up again use a hairdryer on a cold setting.

Baby Lying Down Crying

Stopping Babies Crying

You’ve checked your baby’s nappy. It’s clean. Your little one has recently been fed. Yet they’re still bawling. You’re just about at your wit’s end when you remember you have one more trick up your sleeve: switching on the vacuum cleaner. The white noise and vibrations of vacuums soothe babies so you might just get some soothing peace and quiet yourself.

Dog In Summer Weather

Grooming Your Pet Pooch

Dog owners know one universal truth. Dog hair gets everywhere. Carpets, sofas, pillowcases, even dinner plates… nowhere is safe! If you grab yourself a dog grooming vacuum attachment you can stop the problem at its source aka your dog. A grooming tool removes dog hair before it works its way onto your furniture and gives your dog a nice pamper at the same time.

Vacuum Cleaning Baking Soda Off Carpet

Freshening Your Carpets

Odious odourous carpets that make you wrinkle up your nose are no match for your vacuum. Remove smells from your carpet fibres with the help of baking soda. Sprinkle on, add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance and then vacuum up. Baking soda is an especially good substance for removing oily stains and pet urine smells.

You can also get your hands on dedicated sprinkle on and vacuum up carpet cleaning powders if your heart so desires.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaning Blinds

Cleaning Your Dusty Blinds

Blinds have so many slats that cleaning each one individually is a time consuming and thankless task. Here’s the quick method for smart people. Attach your handheld brush tool to your vacuum cleaner hose, close the blinds and run the brush over them to suck up all the dust in one fell sweep. Cordless vacs are ideal for this task too if you’re lucky enough to own one.

Person Cleaning Vacuum Brushroll With Scissors

Cleaning Vacuum Brushroll

The spinning brushroll in the head of your vacuum cleaner is what helps pick up dirt, but it can get very dirty itself with tangled hair, threads and fluff wrapping around it as it spins. You can use scissors to cut through the tangles, but the most convenient tool for the job is actually a seam ripper, a little sewing accessory that can be found in most sewing kits.

Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Brown Carpet

Removing Carpet Dints

Every so often it can be fun to change it up and rearrange the furniture. The only downside that might deter you is the flattened carpet fibres where your furniture used to sit. Not to worry. Put some ice on these patches to make the fibres more malleable and then vacuum the spot to plump them back up. Feng shui away!

Want more hacks? Here are some uses for your steam cleaner you’ve probably never thought of before.

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