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How to Make Your Boring Egg Fabulous With a Chick Egg Mould

Let’s settle this once and for all. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Answer: who cares when you can have both at the same time? We tested out the Egg-A-Matic chick egg mould which is the best of both worlds!

Three Boiled Eggs On Plate
What is an Egg-A-Matic chick egg mould when it’s at home we hear you ask? Well, it’s a little gadget that you pop your hardboiled egg into that will change its shape forever and change the way you view hardboiled eggs forever too.

Useful for:

  • Easter-themed parties
  • Packed lunches
  • Persuading fussy eaters to enjoy eggs
  • Snacks on World Chicken Day and World Egg Day (The chicken comes first here FYI, on the second Thursday of October. The egg is celebrated the following day.)

The Method

Here’s how we got on when we tried the mould out.

Eggs Boiling With Colour Changing Egg Timer

Step 1: Hardboil the egg

We boiled a couple of eggs just in case we messed up our first attempt. Or our second. Hand on heart though, we actually got it right first time as the mould was pretty foolproof to use.

Please note also the handy colour changing egg timer boiling away with our eggs letting us know when they’re cooked.

Boiled Egg Being Peeled

Step 2: Peel the egg

You may want to let your egg cool a little first and run it under cold water as you peel it. Otherwise, you could burn your hands – not ideal!

Egg-A-Matic Chick Egg Mould

Step 3: Pop the egg in the mould

Squeeze the mould shut until you can close the clasp. You may get a little bit of egg squeeze out of the sides of the mould as you do so. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Chick Shaped Egg In Mould

Step 4: Let the egg cool, then remove it

Cool the egg in ice water or in the fridge, then snap open the mould and take it out.

Voila! One egg shaped like a chick. Our work here is done.

What We Learnt

A few more things to note about the egg mould based on our experience with it:

  • We used large eggs – medium ones may not work as well as they probably wouldn’t be big enough to fill the mould.
  • Make sure the clasp is done up tight when you put your egg into the mould. Otherwise, it could ping open leaving you with some kind of hideous half deformed chick. Gross.
  • The mould comes with two sets of feet so you can make two chicks and avoid squabbling grown-ups kids.

The Results

In the words of Mr Burns, “Egg-cellent”. Okay, we paraphrased a little.

Chick Shaped Egg On Plastic Feet

Chick Shaped Boiled Egg

Before testing the chick egg mould out we were sceptical to be completely honest (partly due to our own skills), but we were very pleasantly surprised by the results! Our chick isn’t quite as perfect as the one on the box, but we love it all the more for its imperfections.

Plus the box one was definitely Photoshopped. Just saying.

See how we got on testing some other useful eggy items here on our blog, like these fried egg shapers that didn’t work exactly as we’d expected…

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