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We Try Fried Egg Moulds and the Results Are Both Amazing and Catastrophic

Okay, so the results depended hugely on the person responsible for the frying pan. The phrase “user error” comes to mind…

In our fried egg endeavours, although we came out with egg on our faces (and hands, pans, and t-shirts) we also picked up a few tricks along the way.

Here’s what we learned.

The pressure of a challenge doesn’t always yield the best results

We’ve not yet introduced ourselves. How rude! We’re Mariya and El, two spare parts of the wonderful appliance that is eSpares.

Mariya Posing With Egg Mould

Eleanor Posing With Fried Egg Shaper

In the spirit of fun (and fierce, fierce competitiveness) we decided to each have two turns with the fried egg shapers and see who could do best.

These are the five we had to choose from.

Selection Of Fried Egg Moulds

As it’s nearly spring and we love a theme, the heart was the one that didn’t get tested. Broken Heart Emoji

In our quest for perfection, just like our eggs, we cracked a little under pressure.

Separating the eggs in advance was a super smart move

We’re not sure how hard it would have been to try and get the yolk perfectly in the right place and still have the whites spread out to fill the mould. Luckily we didn’t have to find out because we didn’t put all of our eggs in one basket (we used two bowls).

Eggs Separated In Two Bowls

Featuring: double yolker!

Don’t, repeat DON’T, use a saucepan instead of a frying pan

El thought it would work better because it had a flatter base. El was wrong.

Egg Burning In Saucepan

Yes, that’s smoke. The smoke alarm noticed it too.

Pressing down a little on the mould when you pour your white in helps keep the shape

Just be careful not to burn your fingers!

Egg Frying In Owl Shaped Mould


Don’t try lifting the egg out of the pan using just the mould

This idea is terrible and will never work and we don’t know what we were thinking.

Taking Fried Egg Mould Out Of Pan

Just why?

Eleanor Messing Up The Egg Cooking

Burnt Egg In Shape Of Flower

Put the egg yolks in a couple of seconds after the whites so they’re lovely and runny

If you like your egg yolks runny that is. Which of course you do because everyone prefers a runny yolk except crazy people.

Cutting Open A Runny Egg Yolk

If your mouth isn’t watering you’re a bad egg.

Put enough egg white in to form a little cushion for your yolks to land on

Otherwise, they can burst which is no yolk.

Use a medium heat

If the pan was too hot the bottom of the eggs burnt before the whites could finish solidifying.

Who won?

The all-important results revealed! Mariya was a natural.

Mariya Celebrating Her Win

Fried Egg In The Shape Of An Owl

Fried Egg In The Shape Of A Bunny

El… not so much.

Eleanor Posing With Fried Egg Mould

Burnt Fried Egg In Shape Of Flower

Fried Egg Shaped Like A Sun

The final eggs-ample of a lesson well and truly learned

Pride comes before a fall, literally in this case. Mariya was a dab too enthusiastic.

Mariya Dabbing With Eggs

Mariya Dropping Egg On The Floor

Rabbit Shaped Egg On Floor

She was not a happy bunny.

Think you can do better? Grab your frying pan, get yourself some moulds and don’t forget to share the results with us on our Facebook page.

We’ve even got you covered for the clean up afterward. Eggs-cellent.

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