How To Replace A Washing Machine Door Handle

How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Handle – New Video

As this was the most requested video topic from our customers, we’re quite pleased to have finished production of our video ‘How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Handle‘. The door handle on a washing machine is susceptible to wear and it’s not uncommon for it to break; particularly if you’ve got a heavy-handed member of your household. The good news is that a washing machine door handle is inexpensive to replace and easy to fit, in this video Mike demonstrates how it’s done.Read more

Behind The Scenes of an Online Retailer

I would hazard to bet that the majority of people who shop online don’t give a second thought to the experience except for when things go wrong. One of the many secrets to being a successful online retailer is to continually test the usability of your website with members of the public. Fundamentally, as an online retailer, what you want to test is that people who are unfamiliar with your brand have confidence buying from it. In order to achieve this, your website has to run smoothly and look great.

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Vacuum Tools And Hose

How To Make Sure It Fits – New Videos

We hold our hands up and say that carrying cleaning tools that are considered ‘generic’ or ‘universal’ has been a real struggle for us. We carry them for our customers who own vacuums where the genuine tools just aren’t made any more. On our landing pages we do our best to explain within the product description what you need to do to ensure that the tools will fit. Regardless we still encounter a higher than desirable return rate on these items with the reason being that the tool didn’t fit the cleaner.

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I’m never going to buy a new appliance again

One of the obstacles that we’ve had with our help videos is that we’re a bit limited to the appliances featured based on what our team members own. We’ve got to hold our hands up, we’re a thrifty bunch and we didn’t want to shell out a lot of money on new appliances for our videos.

Mike got the idea to source old broken appliances on eBay, trying to get them as cheaply as possible, just to see what we could get.

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Washing Machine Drum Paddle

How To Replace A Washing Machine Drum Paddle – New Video

The lifter in your washing machine drum is responsible for agitating your clothes so that the dirt disperses and your laundry becomes clean. If the drum lifter is broken not only will your clothes not get as clean as they should, but you could also risk creating tears in the items that you’re trying to clean. In a similar vein you could lose socks and small articles of clothing through the gap a missing lifter creates.

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I offer no apology

We carried out a piece of research in November 2009 that looked at how much repair companies would charge to carry out five common repair tasks. The idea of the research was pretty straightforward: to highlight the potential cost saving that our customers were making by fixing it themselves. The research was carried out fairly. I personally obtained quotes from 3 well-respected national repair firms for the five tasks. They were all given the same make and model of appliance to fix and the same location for the job. I then averaged the quotes and compared this to the cost of buying from eSpares (including delivery) to derive the cost savings. You can see a summary of the findings here.

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