How Adverse Weather Affects Deliveries

Weather vs. Deliveries

The weather has hit the country hard. This has affected supplier deliveries to us, as well as the orders we’re shipping out to you our customers. Due to these adverse conditions we are currently experiencing, the delivery of some orders is inevitably being delayed as our delivery couriers are understandably struggling to reach many areas.

If your order has been delayed then we sincerely apologise. Be assured that our delivery partners are doing everything they can. As the conditions ease, things should return to normal.

Call Times – Bear With Us!

It’s very cold and particularly snowy around the whole of the country at the minute, and you know what snow and the like do to our transport system. Unfortunately, a number of our staff have been affected, including those who work in the Call Centre and take your calls.

We understand that a lot more people will be staying at home today, and maybe using that time to catch up with appliance fix-its. So the situation we’re facing is potentially more calls coming in with fewer staff to answer those calls. We do apologise if it takes a while to get to your call, but please bear with us, we are doing our best to get to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to have an unexpected day off, get yourself down the park with a sled and a carrot (for the snowman’s nose) and enjoy.

Warming Food For The Winter Months

Warming Food For The Winter Months

As you will be very aware, winter has arrived with a vengeance over the last couple of days. While good news for scarf salesmen and yetis, not so nice when you have to battle through snow and wind to get in to work. When it comes to comforting yourself over the fact that it’s going to be dark by four in the afternoon every day for the next five months, I am of the opinion that hearty food is the best medicine. On that note, check out these delicious looking one-pot, slow-cooked recipes – the lamb shank I think looks particularly delectable. Remember to check out our website if you need oven spares; we’ve got thousands of ’em.

Gas Or Electic Which One

Ovens: Gas or Electric?

The oven. One of the most important and regularly used appliances in the kitchen. It’s not inconceivable that you use it multiple times a day. Without it, you couldn’t make lasagne; enough said. For this reason, replacing your oven has got to be a measured decision. And the first thing you have to decide? Well, that would be whether to go for gas or electric. Both energy sources have pros, both have cons. So which is more suitable for you?

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