Presenter For The Day – My Foray Into Being on Screen

As you may have noticed if you’ve read previous posts, I have assumed a role as one of the presenters of our How-To videos. Now, this isn’t a natural progression for me, it had not been part of my plan to go all Dave Benson Phillips. In fact, just two months ago, I’d have described myself as a camera-shy fellow who’d never dream of doing anything like that. However, after some gentle, coaxing assurances from co-workers, I decided to give it a crack. Why not I thought, hopefully these videos will give people more confidence to fit spare parts themselves – they seem to have responded positively to Helen, Matt and the gang’s work.

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TV And Remote Control

How To Replace A Television Remote – New Video

Okay, you’ve lost your TV remote. Well, maybe it wasn’t you who did it, it was the kids. Perhaps technically it can’t be considered lost lost because the kids decided that it was much better used as a hammer or as buried treasure. Basically these scenarios are leading down a winding path where you’ve now got a fully functioning television but no remote control. Does this sound familiar?

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Red Vacuum Cleaner

How To Replace a Wheel on a Henry or Hetty Vacuum – New Video

Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners are part of the Numatic appliance range. We have one in our office and I got to use it when Mike accidentally broke a glass by his desk. True story. What impressed me about our Henry is that despite appearing to be a rather simplistic looking vacuum cleaner it’s got great cleaning power and is very sturdy. They are clearly made to last the long haul.

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Yellow Kitchen with Cookerhood

Smelly Cooker Hood

The cooker hood is responsible for extracting the air around hob, funnelling grease from collecting elsewhere in the kitchen and helping to keep cooking smells to a minimum. It’s a little known fact, but your extractor fan needs regular maintenance in order for it to perform fully. All the filters on a cooker hood should be replaced at least once every year to keep your kitchen from becoming smelly. If you’ve got a metal filter on your extractor fan this should either be cleaned of grease build up or replaced. In this new video Rory will show you how to clean the grease from a metal cooker hood filter.Read more