How to replace oven door hinges – new video

Integrated kitchen appliances will make any kitchen look stylish, modern and crisp. But what do you do if one of the appliances that your kitchen has been meticulously built around breaks? It’s understandable that you may be concerned that you’ll have to redo your whole kitchen just because ovens are no longer made to the same dimensions of your broken integrated one. Before you get too worried make a note of the brand, model number and serial number* of your appliance and check the eSpares website to find the spares you need to fix your integrated appliance.

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The eSpares Twitter Manifesto

The eSpares Twitter Manifesto

Do retailers and businesses belong on Twitter? Our answer is yes; particularly if they want to offer superior customer service and accessibility. If, as a business, you are looking to represent your brand via Twitter we would recommend that you write a letter of intent for your customers. If you’d like an example of what we’re talking about here’s our Twitter Manifesto.Read more

How To Replace A Washing Machine Door Handle

How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Handle – New Video

As this was the most requested video topic from our customers, we’re quite pleased to have finished production of our video ‘How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Handle‘. The door handle on a washing machine is susceptible to wear and it’s not uncommon for it to break; particularly if you’ve got a heavy-handed member of your household. The good news is that a washing machine door handle is inexpensive to replace and easy to fit, in this video Mike demonstrates how it’s done.Read more

Pound Coins With Man And Spanner

Fixing It Yourself = Saving Money

You’ve probably noticed that we’re big on the idea that fixing an appliance with spares can save you a lot of money. In the last 24 hours we’ve received some fantastic customer reviews that reaffirm our view that the equation “fixing it yourself = saving money” is 100% true. Here are our favourite money saving reviews from the last 24 hours.

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Behind The Scenes of an Online Retailer

I would hazard to bet that the majority of people who shop online don’t give a second thought to the experience except for when things go wrong. One of the many secrets to being a successful online retailer is to continually test the usability of your website with members of the public. Fundamentally, as an online retailer, what you want to test is that people who are unfamiliar with your brand have confidence buying from it. In order to achieve this your website has to run smoothly and look great.

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Vacuum Tools And Hose

How To Make Sure It Fits – New Videos

We hold our hands up and say that carrying cleaning tools that are considered ‘generic’ or ‘universal’ has been a real struggle for us. We carry them for our customers who own vacuums where the genuine tools just aren’t made any more. On our landing pages we do our best to explain within the product description what you need to do to ensure that the tools will fit. Regardless we still encounter a higher than desirable return rate on these items with the reason being that the tool didn’t fit the cleaner.

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