Cleaning Essentials for Autumn

Cleaning Essentials for Autumn

Autumn traditionally sees the leaves turning golden and the wet weather returning with a vengeance. The autumnal weather also brings about its own cleaning challenges. To give you a helping hand at tackling such challenges, at eSpares we’ve compiled a brief guide on some of the cleaning essentials you’ll need.

Floor Cleaning:

The wet weather that autumn brings will take its toll on all floor surfaces within your home as you and your family rush in from the wind and rain, bringing with you wet, muddy footprints.

With the weather only set to get worse as winter approaches, there may be a temptation to only give the dirt a quick once over. But this is neither hygienic nor will it bring your floors back to their former glory.

Instead, for those hard floor surfaces, we recommend using the power of a steam mop, which will cut through and lift dirt with ease. The heat from the steam will also kill 99% of germs.

NB: When using a steam mop, make sure that you vacuum first so that all large debris can be collected and not damage the steam mop!

Tumble Dryer:

During the autumn months and running into winter the tumble dryer will play an important part in your laundry ritual; so it is important to make sure that your tumble dryer is well maintained and in full working order.

As with all appliances, wear and tear can take its toll on the performance of the tumble dryer. But such wear and tear can be reduced by keeping on top of the maintenance of your tumble dryer and having some understanding of the common faults you need to look out for – which we’ve outlined in our advice centre.

Getting the most out of your tumble dryer isn’t achieved just by maintaining it though. There are also a range of accessories which can be utilised when using your dryer to improve its efficiency, such as tumble dryer balls. Tumble dryer balls provide an eco-friendly alternative to fabric softeners and help reduce the drying time.

Cooker / Hob Cleaning:

With the weather turning cooler, the food you’re likely to be cooking for your family is set to change to more hearty meals. As scrumptious as such dishes may be, they do have a tendency to cause a mess in your cooker which if left to build up can hinder the performance of your appliance.

Now, at eSpares we know that no-one particularly enjoys putting the elbow grease into cleaning the cooker or hob. But it is a job which needs to be carried out regularly and with the right cleaning products to hand; the task can become a lot easier.

One cooker cleaning product we’d recommend is Wellco Professional Oven Cleaner, whose powerful, biodegradable cleaning formula dissolves grease and burnt on food with ease. A universal hob cleaner will also make light work of cleaning any grease splatters or food marks which have been built up whilst cooking.

TV Cleaning:

As you spend more time in the home during autumn and with the low autumn sun shining through the windows, there’s a good chance that you’ll notice dust collecting on your TV.

Instead of pushing the dust on your TV around using traditional dusters and polish, we’d recommend using specialist cleaning wipes, such as LCD / Plasma TV screen wipes. These have been designed to banish dust and smudges from your TV in a quick, simple and efficient way.

By adding the cleaning essentials mentioned above into your cleaning toolkit, you can help your home sparkle throughout autumn. So even though the weather outside may be dull and grey, your home will be warm, cosy and clean.

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