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Painting Of Autumn Tree

Essential Gardening for September and October

Having spent most of the year so-far working on your garden you may have thought that during August and September that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sun within your garden, as your garden blooms with the bright colours of various flowers. Whilst in some respects this is correct, to ensure that your garden remains looking great there are still certain tasks which you’ll need to carry out over the next two months, as outlined below.

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Choosing The Correct Lawnmower

Choosing the Right Mower

Choosing the right lawnmower for your lawn is key to getting it looking great. With so many different options, it can be tricky to figure out which one will work best for you.

There are some things for you to consider when choosing your mower. Once you have answered the following questions, you can proceed to decide which type of mower will work best for your lawn.

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Gardening Tools And Hat

Summer Gardening

Even though we seem to be experiencing a typical British slow start to the sunny season, I’m sure it is not here to stay. Hopefully come July the temperature will get consistently warmer and your garden will be able to benefit.

In the meantime there are some things you can do ahead of the warmer weather to continue to get the most from your garden.

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Dog Proof Your Lawn

Dog Proof Your Lawn

Right, so you’re off to a great start in getting your lawn looking gloriously green ahead of the summer. Nothing must get in the way of your progress, not even your loyal doggy companion.

If you have a pet dog you might have noticed their urine leaves unsightly, yellow patches on your beautiful green lawn. This is not okay.

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Bench Covered In Snow

Winter Ready Garden

We are indeed starting to say goodbye to summer. To be fair, after its poor performance I am more than happy to help it on its way out. I think it needs to take a long hard look at its 2012 season and ask itself ‘did I really give the great British people a summer they could be happy with?’

Whilst we wait with bated breath for the cooler months to arrive, there are some simple things you can be doing to get your home and garden winter-ready.

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How to Get the Perfect Lawn

British Summer Time began yesterday. Whilst it meant that the past weekend was the shortest of the year, it also means that spring has well and truly sprung and gardening is firmly back on the agenda. Hopefully when you look out of your back door you now see not a murky and forbidding brown and off-green space, but a slightly unkempt patch brimming with possibility.

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