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5 Gardening Apps That Will Change Your Life

We live in an ever-changing technological era, where there is an app for pretty much anything. There are cooking apps, there are gardening apps, there is even an app where you can virtually pop pimples, as some people find this therapeutic… (For those trying to find this right now, it’s called ‘Pimple Popper’.)

Right. So anyway, back on topic. Amongst all of this “revolutionary” technology, the gardening world has kept up with the pace and created apps to help transform you from a person aimlessly holding a trowel not even knowing what it is (see picture below), to a green-fingered, flower planting, horticulturist.

Young Tomato Seedling And Trowel

Here’s the low-down on the latest gardening apps out there.

RHS Grow Your Own

The RHS app is designed to help you successfully grow your own fruit and vegetables in your garden. It helps you to choose plants based on the time and space you have available and your level of expertise. Pests and diseases can be tackled more easily too with the app’s photo guides that tell you how to identify and treat your plant problems.

Sadly, the app only tackles genuine problems gardeners face and not questions like, ‘how do I get over my fear of slugs?’




The intoGardens app is an excellent blend of video, photographic and written content and it’s really fun and interactive. Gardening tips and tricks are collected from around the world and collated into the app so you can try them out in your own garden. Their self-proclaimed aim is to be “flippantly authoritative”. We think they succeed!

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GrowIt! mixes the world of gardening with the much-beloved world of social media, creating a community where you can share tips and tricks and ask for help. You can set up your own projects to share your progress and achievements with other savvy gardeners, like yourself (see, we’re referring to you as gardeners already). You can also rate each other’s gardens! Remember, be nice, we all have to start somewhere.

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GARDENA smart system

The Gardena smart system really is the future. It allows you to do your gardening by simply controlling an app on your phone. You can effortlessly look after your plants from the comfort of your patio or even when you’re out and about. The app syncs up to a robot lawnmower and an automated watering system that also monitors the light intensity and temperature of your little patch of land.

By tapping the screen, you can adapt and change all settings to water and mow at specific times to suit you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and your garden will be looked after 24/7.

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Ever been out for a stroll when you suddenly sight a majestic plant? You wistfully envision this plant featuring in your own garden, but you have no idea what it is or how to find out. Without stalking down the owner and asking them (which isn’t an option we advise because it comes across as slightly creepy) you feel like it’s an impossible task. We have an alternative.

PlantSnapp lets you send in a photo of an unknown plant and promises a reply within 24 hours with the plant’s name and a link to where you can buy it from. The first three requests are free, then it’s £4.49 per month. Wait, you thought that was good, but there’s more, the app also identifies pests and diseases! Yes, we were amazed too!

Screen Shots Of App

Have we impressed you? We’ve impressed ourselves (if that’s even possible). There are so many inspirational and innovative gardening apps being released that anyone can get equipped to go out and get active in their garden.

So, hands up if you are going to download some of these gardening apps. Are you raising your hand right now? We certainly are. Now’s the perfect time to get stuck in too; summer is on its way and will hopefully leave our gardens looking fabulous.

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