Small Garden With Colourful Plants and Furniture

Tricks to Make Your Small Garden Appear Big!

If you have a small garden, tiny terrace or a little patio, and are getting serious garden envy this spring, we’re here to show you how to love your outdoor spaces – no matter what the size!

With just a few tricks and handy decorations, you can make your garden appear much bigger and create a place where you can relax and escape from the daily grind.

After all, good things come in small packages right?!

Living Wall In Garden With Colourful FlowersCredit: Gardeners’ World

Create a Living Wall

Grow your garden up the wall! Living walls are an ideal way to bring colour into your small garden. They can be created with grasses, small shrubs, herbs, and even fruit and vegetables. And, instead of purchasing ready-made ones, it’s pretty easy to create your very own! Here’s how.

Garden Mirror Reflecting Greenery

Trick the Eye

By strategically placing a mirror outdoors, you can create the illusion of more space. Choose a long length mirror or a contemporary style and use it to reflect your lawn or increase light in dark areas. Here are some great ideas for how to do it.

Garden With White Furniture And Walls

Make it White

To make the rooms in your home look bigger, you’d paint them white, right? So why not use the same trick in your garden! Paint your brickwork and furniture white and it will brighten up your space and make it appear larger. It also makes your colourful plants and accessories really stand out, adding some serious style!

Terrace Garden With Potted Plants

Pot Your Garden

If you don’t have much space for planting flowers and greenery, use pots! You can create a stunning and colourful garden area by plotting anything from small flowers to tall bushy trees and it’s much easier to maintain, bonus!

Long Flowers And Blue Sky Taken From Below

Aim High

Planting tall flowers and trees in your garden will give you more colour and decoration without taking up too much space. You will have extra room for seating and decorations without having to choose between the two!

Patio Deck With Colourful Pillows

Add Some Colour

Even the smallest space can be transformed with a splash of colour! Bright furniture, accessories, and plants will make your garden feel brighter, even in the winter months. Opt for bold colours such as oranges, pinks, and blues and you can even turn your wall into a seating area to maximise space.

Happy gardening!

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