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Chris and Allotment

Team Tips: Starting your Allotment with Chris

Allotments have long been a hobby and passion for gardeners and nature lovers across the country, but it can be tricky knowing where to start if you’ve never had one before. What to plant, what equipment to get hold of, how much time to dedicate to your new outdoor project… with these things to take into account, it’s a good idea to make sure you don’t go in blind.Read more

Kids Around Fallen Leaves

3 Great Tips to Remove Fallen Leaves

During the autumn months, you’ll have seen the wildlife take advantage of the delights of your autumnal garden. From birds making the most of berries, and squirrels scurrying around looking for goodies they can store for those cold winter months.

With winter fast arriving, wildlife will be working harder looking for food to store, and there are some steps you can take in your garden to help the wildlife. At eSpares, we believe one of the main tasks which you’ll need to carry out on a regular basis this winter is the cleaning up of fallen leaves.

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