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How to Not Kill Your Houseplants

The warmer months are finally here, and many of us are celebrating by bringing the season inside. You can never have too many houseplants lining your desk, shelves and tables… well, unless you don’t know how to take care of them, that is.

Sometimes houseplants just seem to die, even when you’re sure you’re doing everything right. We know just how frustrating that can be. So, to help you avoid losing your favourite indoor flowers and greenery, here are some tips on how not to kill your houseplants!

Water You Doing?

Houseplant Being Sprayed

Overwatering plants is one of the most common causes, if not the most common cause, of accidentally killing houseplants. Sometimes it can be tempting to provide an extra little bit of moisture, whether you think your plants are looking thirsty or you just enjoy caring for them… but this can often be counterproductive and spell disaster for your little green friends. To avoid a watery death for your indoor plants, make sure you check how much each individual species in your home needs and water accordingly.

The Need For Feed

Plant Pots With Feed

While many plants don’t actually require feeding as they grow, neglecting those that do can have disastrous consequences. For certain flowering plants, a little liquid feed once a week can be the difference between life and death, so make sure you check which of your houseplants need such treatment. Also, as an extra tip, it’s good to know that most plants should only actually be fed when actively growing between March and September.

From Pot to Pot

Plant Pot Changing

It’s tempting to want to change your plant’s pots every time you find a prettier one, or to stick with the one you have if it’s a personal favourite… but it’s what suits your plant that’s most important. Too much pot-swapping can be stressful for your plants, and too little can halt growth. Instead, treat plant pots the same way you would a home – a new one is only needed when and if the inhabitant has outgrown its old one.

Dust What You Need

Plant Leaves Being Wiped

Dust is a nuisance in any household, and the need to get rid of it regularly can certainly be a pain. Unfortunately, dust not only looks unsightly on your houseplants but can also contribute to their downfall as it prevents them from growing properly. Dusting your plants is a great way to preserve them and make sure they’re staying healthy. A cotton wool ball dabbed in water should do the trick, and your plants will certainly thank you for it!

A Bit Off the Top

Plant Being Pruned

While not all houseplants require pruning, it’s important to remember to tend to those that do. And, luckily, pruning is a quick and simple task in most cases! All you need to do is make sure to remove dying flowers and leaves to allow your plants to continue growing healthily. You can even do this without tools if you want – just pinching them between your thumb and forefinger should also do the trick, and your houseplants will remain in great shape for longer.

Now that you’ve read all about how to not kill your houseplants, check out our 10 ways to repair your neglected garden for more tips on bringing your greenery back to life!

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