DIY gardening ideas

Make your dream garden with these handy DIY gardening tips!

Many of us can picture our own personal dream gardens in our minds… but actually doing the dirty work is a whole different matter! However, we all have to start somewhere, and there’s no time like the present.

If you’re new to gardening but are feeling the urge to finally make your outdoor spaces the image of beauty you’ve always wanted them to be, look no further. Our DIY gardening tips and ideas are sure to give you the inspiration you need to finally get your fingers green!

Settle on a style

Small garden in front of a house

First things first, make sure you know what you’re trying to achieve before you get started. There’s nothing worse than trying your hand at something new, only to realise you haven’t planned properly halfway through the job. To avoid digging yourself a hole you can’t climb out of, decide what kind of garden you want beforehand, be it floral, stone-oriented or anything in-between. Make notes, get a plan in order, ready any gardening tools you might need and work your way up. Your dream garden blueprint will be ready to come to life before you know it!

Design your decorations

Painted flower pots

Rather than buying brand new decorations, why not give creating your own a shot? After all, there’s nothing that makes a garden more unique and personable than having the gardener’s own stamp on it. Whether it’s painting your own plant pots or creating your own miniature fencing to separate your flower beds, there are plenty of ways to create your own garden decorations and bring your vision to life.

Build a birdhouse

Green birdhouse and flowers

Expanding on our previous point a little more, making your garden more nature-friendly is a great way to achieve that picture-perfect result you’ve always wanted. Try building your own birdhouse or squirrel house to invite furry critters into your nature-friendly garden. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or daunting either, as long as it provides enough shelter to intrigue wildlife and gives you the option to enjoy a little nature watching!

Find the right flowers

Colourful garden flowers

Growing your own flowers from seeds rather than buying them already grown is another great way to get started as a DIY gardener. However, we all have different schedules, and different types of flowers require different levels of attention. Find the right flowers that work for you and make sure you know how much treatment and attention they need beforehand. That way, caring for them will be a joy rather than a chore and your DIY garden won’t be a burden to maintain!

Grow your own veg

Home grown tomatoes

If you want to take your DIY an extra step further, here’s an idea for making your garden bountiful as well as beautiful. Set aside a little part of your garden, plant your own vegetables and watch them grow! You can even start out light with a few tomato plants and gradually work your way up. Your home-grown veg will have you crossing it off from your weekly shopping list in no time!

Hopefully, these tips and ideas have gotten you feeling inspired and ready to start shaping your own dream garden! Just remember to make sure you’ve got what you need with our blog post on 12 excellent gardening tools you could be missing out on. Those green fingers can’t do all the work by themselves!

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