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Taking Clothes Out Of Tumble Dryer

How to Change a Tumble Dryer Belt

There are some Fix Its that even the most hardy FIYers might shy away from; changing motors on a vacuum or the heater on a dishwasher for example… the type of fix that really requires a fair amount of time and a bit of persistence. Tricky fixes can make you want to put them off indefinitely and maybe even buy a new appliance. Not so fast!

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Washing In Machine And Basket

How to Open a Washing Machine Door That’s Stuck Closed – New Video

So, the washing machine finishes its cycle and you’re just waiting for that satisfying ‘click’ which means you can open the door…only the click seems to be taking that bit longer to happen. A while longer and you realise it’s not going to. A few futile tugs on the door handle, then despair. Your lovely clean clothes you’ve been planning to wear at the weekend are stuck inside the washing machine. It’s now a race against time to get them out, somehow, before they start to get smelly.

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How To Replace A Washing Machine Door Handle

How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Handle – New Video

As this was the most requested video topic from our customers, we’re quite pleased to have finished production of our video ‘How To Replace a Washing Machine Door Handle‘. The door handle on a washing machine is susceptible to wear and it’s not uncommon for it to break; particularly if you’ve got a heavy-handed member of your household. The good news is that a washing machine door handle is inexpensive to replace and easy to fit, in this video Mike demonstrates how it’s done.Read more

Washing Machine Drum Paddle

How To Replace A Washing Machine Drum Paddle – New Video

The lifter in your washing machine drum is responsible for agitating your clothes so that the dirt disperses and your laundry becomes clean. If the drum lifter is broken not only will your clothes not get as clean as they should, but you could also risk creating tears in the items that you’re trying to clean. In a similar vein you could lose socks and small articles of clothing through the gap a missing lifter creates.

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