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You’ve been using your vacuum all wrong and it’s costing you money!

We all use vacuum cleaners to keep our homes clean and dust-free… but that doesn’t mean we’re all using them the right way! If you aren’t using your vacuum efficiently, it could end up costing you more money than it’s worth.

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about using your vacuum in a more eco-friendly and cost-effective manner. Read on for our vacuuming tips and find out how you might have been using your vacuum cleaner wrong without even knowing it!

Don’t forget about eco-mode

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Did you know that some vacuum cleaners come with an eco-mode? Surprisingly, this is still news to many, so make sure you always check your vacuum cleaner’s settings before getting to work. And, even if your particular vacuum doesn’t have an eco-mode setting, there may still be many other various settings to choose from instead. So next time you get your vacuum out, take a look at the settings and choose the right one for the task at hand. There’s no point in wasting energy with a higher-powered setting for a low-maintenance job!

Use the right nozzles

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Far too many of us rely on our vacuum’s main cleaner head for all of our vacuuming tasks, often neglecting the various nozzles that also come with our vacuum cleaners. We know, we know, changing nozzles for different areas of your home can be a hassle… but it’ll save you energy and money in the long run! After all, a pet tool will rid your sofa of hair much more quickly than a standard nozzle, and an extension wand will reach cobwebs much more easily than any other nozzle or tool. Remember, the ten seconds it takes to change nozzles is nothing compared to the extra minutes you’ll otherwise spend wasting energy by going over the same spots again and again to no avail!

Maintain your machine

Dirty vacuum cleaner filter

A well-maintained vacuum cleaner is a happy vacuum cleaner… but if you let yours become dirty and neglected, your vacuum will suffer for it in the long run. Make sure you regularly clean or change your vacuum’s filters, otherwise your appliance could become clogged and work less efficiently. You should also make sure you keep all other areas of your vacuum cleaner clean, store it safely and don’t let the bin get too full. An overfilled bin will result in your vacuum not sucking up dirt properly, thus needing to be used for longer, and that’s a surefire way to waste a ton of energy!

Only hoover when you have to

Woman sweeping with dustpan and brush

Finally, sometimes using your vacuum cleaner incorrectly can simply be… well, using it! So many areas of our homes become dirty and dusty from time to time, but you don’t always need to plug your vacuum in to get rid of a little bit of debris. Make sure your vacuum cleaner isn’t your default tool for cleaning up dirt. Instead, try to use a dustpan and brush for smaller jobs and only turn to your vacuum cleaner for large ones. There’s no surer way to waste energy with an appliance than by using it when you simply don’t need to!

There you have it! How to use your vacuum cleaner in a more energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. While you’re here, make sure to familiarise yourself with your vacuum nozzles and tools with our blog post on getting to know your vacuum cleaner nozzles. You’ll be banishing dust from every corner with ease in no time!

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