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Get to Know Your Vacuum Cleaner Nozzles

Worried your vacuum cleaner isn’t working as well as it should? Maybe you just need to get to know your vacuum cleaner nozzles a little better…

Vacuum cleaners, for all their glory, sometimes prove to be a little temperamental. However, this isn’t always the fault of the appliance itself. It isn’t uncommon for users to assume that the nozzle attached to the vacuum cleaner when it comes out of the box is fit for all purposes. A Jack of all trades, if you will. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case.

By taking a little bit of time to understand your vacuum cleaner nozzles, you might discover that the appliance itself was working perfectly all along… it just needed a helping hand to make sure it was equipped to do the job.

Here are the most common vacuum cleaner nozzles and the tasks they were designed to perform.

Floor Tool

Vacuum Cleaner Floor Brush Tool
This is the most widely used vacuum cleaner nozzle. Usually adjustable, the floor tool is ideal for general use across wooden floors, carpets and almost any other kind of flooring. Despite its popularity, this tool doesn’t always come with the vacuum cleaner itself, especially smaller ones. In those rare circumstances, it can be purchased separately, eliminating the need for you to buy a new cleaner altogether.

Oh and a helpful reminder, most floor tools have a switch on the topside. This is to lower the brushes on the underside of the tool. When vacuuming carpets, you’re going to want to keep the brush up so you can get close to the fabric. When it comes to harder flooring such as wood and tiles, you’re going to want to flip the switch to drop the brushes into place. This will ensure your flooring doesn’t get scratched during vacuuming.

Crevice Tool

Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is to the floor tool as Robin is to Batman. Arguably the second most common vacuum cleaner nozzle, it does exactly what the name implies. Perfect for getting into corners, nooks and crannies that the floor tool just can’t quite reach, this is the handy sidekick that often proves ideal for finishing a vacuuming job.

Dusting Brush

Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush

A small and square or circular nozzle with soft bristles for more delicate cleaning, the dusting brush is a top-notch tool for vacuuming surfaces that need a more gentle touch. This can include vents, shelves, bookcases, windowsills and just about any other surface that a floor tool is just a little too clunky and aggressive to reach efficiently. Gone are your days of knocking over lamps and photo frames with a large nozzle for the sake of a little dust!

Turbo Brush

Vacuum cleaner Turbo Brush
Next up we have the coolly-named turbo brush. With a rotating brush and a slightly smaller build than the floor tool, the turbo brush can be used for more precise flooring and carpet jobs. This includes vacuuming steps, staircases and other places in need of a good seeing to but with a little more precision. With the turbo brush, you’ll be bearing down on those awkward spots in no time!

Upholstery Tool

Vacuum cleaner Upholstery ToolWith the upholstery tool, you no longer need to struggle using a nozzle such as the floor tool on your furniture and upholstery. Comprising of a small and usually triangular design, the upholstery tool is the king of finesse. It allows for careful, focused vacuuming over beds, sofas, armchairs, loose carpets and even curtains, resulting in smooth cleaning over upholstery that other nozzles just can’t quite deliver.

Extension Wand

Vacuum cleaner Extension Wand

It’s time for a bonus round! Though the extension wand is more of an accessory than a nozzle, it can work magic when used appropriately. Adding significant length to your vacuum cleaner and suitable for most nozzles, it is best for reaching the trickier and more out of reach places in your home, ranging from cobweb-ridden corners to awkward gaps behind furniture. Just be wary of turning around too fast when holding this lengthy appliance… you could end up causing more damage than Ron Weasley when he’s got a wand in his hand!

And there you have it – you know your vacuum cleaner nozzles. So, next time you’re beginning to think your vacuum cleaner just sucks (or doesn’t!), double-check that you’ve got it correctly equipped to do its job to begin with.

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