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6 things you should never ever vacuum

Your vacuum is your most trusted accomplice when it comes to cleaning your home. But every hero has it’s kryptonite…

Poor suction and blocked filters are extremely common when it comes to vacuum faults. Although these can be easily fixed, they can be prevented by knowing what not to use your vacuum for.

Here are 6 things that you should never, ever vacuum and save the job for your trusty dustpan and brush instead!

 Muddy Footprints On Carpet

Soil and Plant Debris

If you’re an avid gardener or plant keeper, you’ll be no stranger to soil and plant debris in your home. However, using your vacuum to clean it up can affect your appliance and your floors. Plant debris can clog up your machine, especially if it’s moist and may even stain your carpet too. The force and weight of your vacuum may even push the dirt deeper into your carpet and leave a nasty stain.

Broken Photo Frame With Shattered Glass

Glass and Sharp Objects

If you’ve smashed any glass objects or, worse, a mirror (argh!) then save even more bad luck by protecting your vacuum. Vacuuming small shards will damage your machine as these can get lodged in the hose and motor as well as tearing vacuum bags. Instead, sweep up as much of the glass as you can and use kitchen roll to dab the area and pick up any shards you may have missed.

Fire Ash From Fireplace

Ash and Sawdust

Ash, sawdust and grit contain dust particles so fine that they can clog up your filters and cause problems with your suction power. If you’ve happened to walk some into your home, are carrying out some building work or emptied the fire grate, be sure not to vacuum up the debris. A handy tip instead, is to dampen the area first, then sweep it up with a dustpan and brush.

Coffee Spilt On Floor


Vacuuming up liquids is a big no-no! Wet items can clog up the tube and block your vacuum filter. The liquid will also make the inside of your vacuum wet too. This can lead to soggy dust and dirt building up in your machine and it will become mouldy and smelly too, and nobody wants that! Sucking up liquids can also be a safety risk for electric vacuums and can lead to electrical failures, short circuits and even fires in extreme cases. So, long story short, don’t do it! Save liquid spills for your mop instead.

Pile Of Coins On Floor

Small Objects

Yes, your vacuum is designed to pick up bits and pieces from your carpet but beware of sightly larger items. Things like coins, paper clips and pins can get stuck in the brush or sharp edges can damage the inside of your vacuum. Before you vacuum, have a scan around and pick up any larger items that could cause problems for your vac. Plus, those extra coins might come in handy as well as saving you on repairs!

Opened Glue With Drop

Glue and Sticky Items

Sticky stuff sticks and that’s exactly what it will do to your vacuum! Glue, glitter, sellotape and even syrup or sweets can stick to your vacuum brush or filter and can jam the motor. These items could even heat up and melt inside your vacuum which can break the motor and mean your vacuum is unsafe to use. To remove these items, use a damp soapy cloth instead. For glue, distilled white vinegar is a great way to unstick and remove it from your surfaces.

So, be sure to think before you vacuum and ensure your appliance continues to keep your home clean for a whole lot longer! If your vacuum has developed a fault, check out our advice centre for easy-to-follow how-to videos to get it back up and running in no time.

Or find out how to get more out of your vacuum by checking out these 10 vacuuming hacks to help you with everyday household chores.

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