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6 tedious spring chores made simple with your pressure washer

When spring rolls around, getting all of your outdoor spaces and accessories clean and ready can be a real hassle. Fortunately, many of these chores can be made far easier with a little help from a pressure washer.

Whether you own a pressure washer yourself or can borrow one from a friend or family member, we highly recommend using one for the tasks below. Eliminating the need to scrub away on your hands and knees hour after hour, a quick blast with this handy appliance will leave even the dirtiest areas and tools looking spick and span!

Muddy Blue Garden Spade

Removing Mud from Garden Tools

Gardeners, this one’s for you! If your tools are still dirty from last summer, don’t waste your energy scrubbing away with a cloth and water. A quick blast of water from the pressure washer is a much easier way to get rid of hard, dry and caked-on mud, saving you plenty of time and hassle. Then simply dry the tools with an old rag to prevent rusting and you’re all set!

Cleaning Decking With A Pressure Washer

Cleaning Patios & Decking

The great thing about washing patios and decking with a pressure washer is that you can immediately see the difference as soon as you start cleaning. Start from one corner and work outwards, as this will help to prevent the mud you’ve dislodged from washing over and drying onto clean areas. For the perfect finish, look into the specialist tools and detergents, available to suit your specific type of patio.

Washing A Garden Chair With A Pressure Washer

Freshening Garden Furniture

Since sunny weather certainly isn’t a guarantee here in the UK, we Brits are known for breaking out the shorts and the BBQ the moment the sun appears from behind the clouds. Yet while alfresco dining is great, it can leave your garden furniture messy. Luckily, spilled food, pesky bird poop or lichen marring your patio chairs or garden bench are no match for a pressure washer.

Outdoor Swimming Pool In Garden

Scrubbing Swimming Pools

This tip isn’t for everyone as not everyone has a pool. And if this does apply to you, we admit that we’re kind of envious… but jealousy aside, if you’re lucky enough to be able to go for a dip in your own back garden, a pressure washer is a must for pool cleaning. It’ll help you blast away mildew and scum swimmingly to leave the tiles of your pool gleaming.

Pressure Washer Washing Car

Pressure Washing Cars & Bikes

A common use for a pressure washer is to clean cars and motorbikes. However, whether you get from A to B on two wheels or four, pressure washing with water alone may not shift all of the grime on your paintwork. That’s why we recommend using detergent dispenser and brush attachments for the best results. Polish with a chamois cloth for a sparkling finish.

Peeling Paint On Garden Bench

Blasting Off Peeling Paint

Old peeling paint on fences or sheds needs to be removed before you whip out the brush and paint to repaint. After all, cutting corners and painting over an older paint job will lead to a less than perfect finish. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and removing peeling paint is much easier with a pressure washer. Just make sure the surface you’re cleaning has dried before repainting!


So as you can see, a pressure washer can have a ton of uses when it comes to getting things clean for spring. Hopefully you now feeling more confident getting your outdoor spaces, areas and appliances in shape for the warmer seasons!

Oh, and while you’re feeling enthused about keeping your garden and outdoor spaces clean, don’t forget to check out our ultimate guide to cleaning your gardening appliances!

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