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How appliance white noise can help relieve stress, anxiety and help you get a good night’s sleep

Here at eSpares, there’s nothing we love more than the soothing sounds of working appliances. But what if we told you that while hearing your appliances working correctly can be reassuring, there are other reasons appliance white noise can put our minds at ease too…

When it comes to relieving stress, anxiety and calming our thoughts so we can sleep at night, there are many helpful methods at our disposal. Meditating, exercising and listening to soothing music are popular examples, but there’s one particularly effective practice that often goes overlooked – listening to white noise.

Appliance white noise sounds and videos can be incredibly useful for helping you clear your head, put your worries aside and get some much-needed shut-eye. And, while they might not have quite the same reputation for stress relief and relaxation as, say, a hot bath or herbal tea, they certainly deserve it!

What is White Noise?

White noise is defined as noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. Of course, that doesn’t quite narrow it down, but white noise is something we experience most days, if not every day of our lives. It’s all around us, after all.

Examples from home appliances include a whirring fan, a humming fridge and other low drones often emitted by dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and the like. White noise is most commonly associated with ‘static’, but while static-like sounds aren’t necessarily something we think of for relaxation, you’d be surprised at just how therapeutic appliance white noise can be.

Why Does Appliance White Noise Help?

There can be many reasons for stress, anxiety and the inability to sleep, but we generally experience them as a result of overworking, overthinking and being unable to clear our minds due to the everyday stresses of life. When the day ends and the time to wind down comes, many of us struggle to switch off, whether due to outside noises disturbing us or the thoughts that refuse to stop racing around inside our own heads.

Appliance white noise helps to tackle this by masking other distracting noises that stimulate your brain. In fact, it’s been researched and scientifically demonstrated that it helps sleep, with one particular study showcasing a drop of nearly 40% in the amount of time it took participants to get to sleep whilst listening to it. That, paired with the comfort of familiar appliance sounds we associate with home and peace (ovens, tumble dryers, etc.), come together to form the ultimate aid in achieving a relaxed and uncluttered mind set.

What Else Does Appliance White Noise Work For?

Sleep and relaxation aren’t the only benefits of appliance white noise. By masking exterior sounds and distractions, it can also be extremely helpful for focussing on work, hobbies or personal projects too. There are various studies that demonstrate this, with one particular study monitoring brain activity to indicate a slight improvement in recognition memory. This essentially means white noise can cause an improvement in the ability to learn and remember. Fascinating stuff!

And putting yourself aside, appliance white noise can be extremely helpful for others in your household too. Not only does it help babies settle and sleep much more soundly by drowning out exterior disturbances, but it can also keep pets calm and undisturbed by dulling loud noises such as fireworks and other stressful sounds.

Where Can White Noise Be Found?

The obvious answer to the question “where can I find white noise?” is, as we’ve already covered, in your own home! But that being said, you can’t always have a fridge in your bedroom to help you sleep, nor a dishwasher in your study to help you drown out the outside world. Fortunately, you can access appliance white noise easily and simply without lugging your appliances around whenever you need a little relaxation.

Our eSpares YouTube channel has a selection of 10-hour long white noise videos, ready for you to use for comfort, focus or even a full night’s sleep if you wish. They’re long enough, after all! Besides, playing a YouTube video is far more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than constantly running your appliances, and it’ll save you a lot of money on your energy bill too.

So simply pick the appliance you find most soothing from our videos, and your mind will be calm and clutter-free before you can say “thanks, eSpares!” – but you’re very welcome anyway!

While you’re here, it’s important to know that not all sounds coming from your appliances should be taken as a good thing. If your appliances sound like they aren’t working properly or are making a bit too much noise in the wrong places or at the wrong times, there could be something in need of fixing. But don’t worry, our blog post highlighting some of our popular how-to videos for common home appliance fixes might just have the answers you’re looking for!

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