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The eSpares how-to videos you need to know about! 

If you’re one of our 60 million viewers you’ll already know how handy our YouTube tutorials are for fixing your appliance yourself!

70% of people who fix appliances, use YouTube as their main source of information so we’re super proud of our channel! We’ve discovered our most popular videos to find out which appliance faults are the most common and give you everything you need to be armed and ready should it ever happen to you! *touch wood*

Whether you’re already a hero fixer or you’re thinking about tackling an appliance fault, here are our most popular how-to videos and why our customers love them so much!

Washing machine woes

With a whopping 3 million views, our video on replacing washing machine bearings is the most-watched of our videos! If your machine is making a lot of noise during a cycle or the inner drum is moving a lot more than usual, you may need to replace your drum bearings.

Here is the famous video:

Robert made some big savings!

GREAT video and very clear and precise instructions. Thankyou. You just saved me a couple of hundred €!

Door seal dilemmas

Next up is the faulty door seals which is a common problem with many appliances. Leaky washing machines or fridges that won’t stay cold are, believe it or not, sometimes just down to the door seal! Here, you’ll see how to replace one on your washing machine, just like 1 million others did!

Claire was extremely happy with her fix!

eSpares you rock, thank you for teaching me how to fix the seal on my washing machine! 😀

Rescuing your laundry!

A stuck washing machine door is one of the most frustrating things, and it seems many of us have experienced it! This video will help you free your trapped items and prevent a build-up of bacteria and mould. Take a look!

Mark found his knight in shining amour!

You are my saviour!!!! The thin line trick worked a charm.

Leaky fridge? No problem!

A leaky fridge is never ideal and with over 700,000 of you having watched the video, it’s definitely a common problem. Here’s how to diagnose the cause and how to fix it!

Kantai was happy she didn’t have to part with her fridge just yet!

I don’t need to buy a new fridge now I can get it fixed myself thank you so much!! I can wait another year or two!!

Bringing the heat back to your dryer

Nearly 600,000 of us have experienced a tumble dryer that won’t heat up. Not ideal when you’re in a rush for your laundry! Here, Rory shows us how to change the thermostats and heating element and get your tumble dryer back up and running!

It helped Gerry fix his dryer and make his wife happy!

Cheers for posting the video, my wife has been bugging me to pieces to fix our dryer, when I opened it up I hadn’t got a clue what I was looking at, now I have, thanks again.


Keeping Henry working

Our beloved Henry’s and Hetty’s need a little TLC from time to time, and with over 506,000 views, it seems you all agree! If the wheels are getting past their best and need replacing, here’s the video you need!

Keeping dinner warm!

Ready for dinner but your oven won’t seem to heat up? It’s likely to be due to a faulty oven element. Over 490,000 of you replaced yours and if you need a reminder, here’s how to do it!

Michael gave it a 10/10!

Thanks, Matt for a dead easy video showing how to replace the heating element 10/10.

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