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7 fix-it-yourself TV shows you won’t want to miss out on!

Getting more “hands-on” in our own homes is something we should all make a little time for. Repairing our appliances, fixing up our belongings and saying no to throw-away culture… but sometimes, it’s easy to fall short due to lack of guidance or inspiration. Fortunately, these TV shows are here to give you the boost you need!

From valuable lessons on repairing your own goods to helpful tips on home repair and maintenance, there’s an abundance of great shows out there to help get you started. So, if you aren’t quite sure where to begin, give one of these a watch. You’ll be getting stuck in with repairs and renovations before you know it!

The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop BBC One


Kicking off the list is The Repair Shop, where professional craftsmen restore family heirlooms that have sentimental value to the owners. Not only does The Repair Shop teach us the value of older goods, but it also shows us just what can be achieved with hard work, a can-do attitude and a little elbow grease for good measure – all of which can be applied to other repairs and fixes around the home too.

Where can I watch it?
The Repair Shop can be watched at 8pm on Wednesdays on BBC One, with previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.

Money for Nothing

Money For Nothing BBC One


We’re all guilty of throwing things away to save time and money sometimes. However, it’s important to be reminded every now and then just how much more value can be found in restoration. Sarah Moore teaches us just that in Money For Nothing by saving items that have been dumped and transforming them into valuable pieces. The lessons to be learned from Money For Nothing can be transferred to many aspects of life, so this is not a show to be missed!

Where can I watch it?
Although Money for Nothing isn’t currently airing, you can watch seasons 8 and 9 on BBC iPlayer.

Your Home Made Perfect

Your Home Made Perfect BBC Two

Credit: Your Home Made Perfect Facebook Page

For those of you pondering on your dream home, that dream doesn’t need to be as distant as you might think! Follow Angela Scanlon in Your Home Made Perfect and see just what can be achieved with a clear vision when it comes to home renovation. And so what if you aren’t an architect? Insight and inspiration are what you need most, and Your Home Made Perfect has both in spades.

Where can I watch it?
All three seasons of Your Home Made Perfect can be watched on BBC iPlayer.

Escape to the Chateau

Escape to the Chateau Channel 4


Follow Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree as they renovate the 19th-century Château de la Motte-Husson, alongside raising their children, hosting events and other ventures. Escape to the Chateau is proof that no task is too large with the right amount of love and enthusiasm, and can be truly inspirational for those wanting to get a little more repair-and-renovation-savvy with their own homes, properties – and even appliances!

Where can I watch it?
Escape to the Chateau can be watched at 8pm on Sundays on Channel 4, as well as through Channel Four online.

Find It, Fix It, Flog It

Find It, Fix It, Flog It Channel 4


Still not convinced on just how much value old and discarded items can have? Let Henry Cole and Simon O’Brien show you the light as they travel across the UK to find and fix up lost items in people’s homes for profit! Find It, Fix It, Flog It is a great reminder that fixing, repairing and sprucing up our belongings is often much more lucrative than throwing them away. If this TV show doesn’t get you into the ‘repair, don’t replace’ spirit, we don’t know what will!

Where can I watch it?
Find It, Flog It, Fix It can currently be watched through Channel 4 online.

Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke

Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke Channel 4


Even the most neglected homes, goods and items can be returned to a state of beauty, as proven by Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke. By transforming Britain’s most rundown and unloved homes into places of wonder, George shows us the possibilities of restoration and teaches us that nothing is truly beyond repair.

Where can I watch it?
Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke can currently be watched through Channel 4 online.

Love Your Garden

Fix It Yourself ITV


Would any homecare TV show list be complete without the glorious Alan Titchmarsh? We think not, and that’s why we urge you to check out ITV’s Love Your Garden. As he travels and admires Britain’s most picturesque gardens and beautiful outdoor spaces, Alan reveals the wonders that homeowners can achieve when they put their minds to their passion for garden care and repair.

Where can I watch it?
Love Your Garden can currently be watched on the ITV Hub online.

Now that you’ve heard about our 7 fix-it-yourself TV shows you won’t want to miss out on, you’ll hopefully be feeling ready to get stuck into some home DIY! But it’s important to make sure you’re equipped for the task, so make sure you also check out our top 10 tools to make you a master of DIY too.

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