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Top 10 Tools to Make you a Master of DIY

Every DIY master needs a range of tools to help them work their magic. From hammers to screwdrivers, even the greatest craftsmen can’t get by with an incomplete toolbox.

If you like getting stuck in with your hands, whether on household repairs or personal projects, we’ve got the gadgets and gizmos you need to help make your work a success!


9 Function Hammer Multi-Tool

Multi Tool Hammer
Kicking things off with a tool for many purposes, this 9 Function Hammer Multi-Tool is practically a toolbox in itself! Manufactured from stainless steel, it includes a hammer, knife blade, mini saw, nail file, bottle opener, hammer head, combination pliers, wire stripper, flathead screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. With this hanging by your waist, you’ll be prepared for any occasion, from fixing faults to cracking open a cold beer after a job well done!


Screwdriver Bit & Socket Set

Rolson Screwdriver Set
Do away with the hassle of having to lug a toolbox around for all your screwdriver bits and bobs with this Ratchet Handle Screwdriver Bit & Socket Set. As this 58 piece set comes with multiple small organisers, alongside all of the screwdriver heads you could possibly need, you can easily and conveniently keep your screwdriver set tidy and organised without taking up too much space.


Mains Tester Screwdrivers

Mains Tester Screwdriver
Checking the safety of your home sockets can often be a risky endeavour, but it’s also a necessary one for when you need to make sure your power is working and your electrical goods are up and running. Fortunately, this Mains Tester Screwdriver Set of 2, with its insulated clear handles, provides the means to do so safely and securely without the risk of an unwanted shock.


Multi-Function Camping Axe

Rolson Hand Axe
Whether you’re hacking away at twigs and branches in your back garden or putting your handyman skills to good use whilst out camping, the Multi Function Camping Axe is a perfect tool for making your work a little easier. The axe comes with a built-in spanner and bottle opener, making it just as useful for other DIY tasks as well as relaxing with a good beverage after some hefty chopping. Cheers!


30 Piece Home Tool Kit

30 Piece Tool Kit
Though it’s a little large to hang from your utility belt, the 30 Piece Home Tool Kit comes with everything you need in a single handy and organised tool bag.  Boasting a wide range of tools and DIY accessories, including pliers, a hammer, a screwdriver, a tape measure and more, you’ll be fixing and creating enough to give Inspector Gadget a run for his money in no time!


Professional Gel Knee Pads

Rolson Gel Knee Pads
As fun as DIY tasks and handiwork can be, they can sometimes take their toll – especially when you spend too much time down on your knees. With these industrial-strength Professional Gel Knee Pads, however, your knees no longer need to suffer such a toll! With thick memory foam and breathable neoprene straps for extra comfort, these are perfect for making working on your knees less strenuous.


150mm Side Cutting Pliers

Rolson Pliers
While pliers are a handy tool, different designs often have different purposes. When it comes to snipping through wires, regular pliers don’t always have the means to do the trick, which is where the Side Cutting Pliers come in handy. With comfortable and soft-grip handles and a design perfect for cutting, these are a must-have in your toolbox or on your utility belt.


Weatherproof Long Shackle Steel Padlock

Rolson Long Shackle Padlock
While handy tools and gadgets tend to make up the majority of any utility belt, safety and security is also a vital factor for any handyman. That’s why this Weatherproof 40mm Long Shackle Steel Padlock is so useful. With a long and weatherproof coated shackle and a laminated steel body, it’s perfect for keeping any potential thieves away from your goods – rain or shine!


Rechargeable USB Torch

Rolson USB Torch
Trying to fix, improve or create something, whether for a DIY project or a home repair, is much harder if you can’t see what you’re doing. Even the best handymen need a clear vision of their project! Luckily, this Rechargeable USB Torch is here to save the day. With a slimline design and durable aluminium finish, it is durable, easy to store and includes a USB charging cable for your convenience.


LED 20 & 5 Work Light

Rolson LED Work Light
Finally, we have the LED 20 & 5 Work Light, ideal for when a handheld torch just isn’t quite bright enough to do the trick. With a handy hanging hook and multiple light modes depending on your needs, this LED work light is great for use during power cuts, working in the darkness or times when you simply require some extra brightness for whatever project or task you’re getting stuck into.


Thank you for reading our blog post on the top ten tools to make you a master of DIY. Don’t forget to check out our Rolson tools range for a wider selection of more tools to choose from too!

Also, if you’re new to DIY or looking to improve your skills, make sure you also read our 10 super easy ways to improve your DIY skills!

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