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Are You Using Your Tumble Dryer Correctly?

Using a tumble dryer may seem straightforward enough… but there are a few common mistakes that many of us could be making without even realising. Here’s a list of 7 tumble dryer mistakes that could either be costing you money or be hazardous in your home…

1. Leaving Clothes on Top of the Dryer

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We’ve all been there – you run out of room whilst doing the laundry and stack it up on top of your dryer to save space. However, this could be a serious fire hazard. If clothes are on top of your dryer, there’s a risk they could fall behind and block the air vents causing heat build-up. Be sure to keep the area around your dryer clear so heat can escape freely.

2. Not Cleaning Frequently

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The dirtier your tumble dryer gets, the harder it has to work to do its job properly. Therefore, keeping your tumble dryer clean will not only increase its efficiency, but it will save you money on your energy bills too. Be sure to clean the inside, the sensor, the heat exchanger and empty the water reservoir after every cycle to keep your machine in top condition.

3. Not Clearing the Dryer Filter

Hands Taking The Lent Off Dryer

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, it’s important you clear your lint filter after EVERY cycle. If the filters are blocked, the motor will need to work harder to push air through the dryer and your clothes will take longer to dry.  It’s also worth occasionally vacuuming out the lint filter cavity using your vacuum’s crevice tool.

Instead of binning your dryer lint, find out how you can reuse it around the house!

4. Not Untangling Clothes

Woman Sorting Laundry From Basket

When loading your dryer, be sure to untangle clothes and bedding as you go. Fabrics which are tangled will take a lot longer to dry and you may even have to do another cycle. That means more energy used, and by extension, a higher energy bill too.

5. Overloading

Open Dryer With Clothes Coming Out

Adding too much fabric to your dryer will reduce its efficiency and ability to dry clothes properly. It can also cause wear and tear on your machine and will cause clothes to become more creased, meaning more time spent ironing – and no one wants that!

6. Not Using Energy Saving Dryer Eggs

ecoegg dryer eggs

The Ecoegg Tumble Dryer Eggs are here to help with your laundry! A natural, eco-friendly alternative to fabric softeners, dryer eggs are ideal for sensitive skin, can reduce drying time by up to 28% and save you money on your cycles. Simply put them in with your load and let them do all the work!

7. Not Sorting Fabrics

Clothing Label With Laundry Care Instructions

Sorting your laundry by fabric type will make your drying time shorter and help your clothes last longer too! For example, delicate items and fabrics should be dried at much lower temperatures than items such as jeans. And don’t forget to check the label if you’re ever unsure!

While you’re here, why not get to know your tumble dryer a little better? Check out our blog post on everything you need to know about tumble dryer filters.

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