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How to protect your home with smart gadgets

Smart gadgets can do many things nowadays. They can allow you to control appliances with your voice, turn the heating on from your phone and change the music in every room! But one thing they are exceptionally good for is keeping your home safe and secure.

From security lights to video doorbells, these smart gadgets allow you to keep an eye on your home wherever you are. As long as you have your smartphone with you, your home is with you too.

Here’s how investing in smart devices will help keep you and your home safe.

Keep an eye on the indoors

 WiFi Motion Sensor Camera

Watch over your home when you’re out and about and get notifications if any movement is detected with the WiFi Motion Sensor Camera. The camera also has a speaker so you can talk to whoever is in your home and even use it to keep an eye on your pets too!

See who is at your door

Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

See and talk to visitors at your door whether you’re watching a movie or out and about. This video doorbell allows you to tell delivery drivers to come back later if you’re out and even see who is outside your home at night with a motion sensor and night vision so you feel extra secure.

Get doorbell alerts in any room

Wireless Doorbell Chime 

Designed to work alongside the video doorbell, this wireless doorbell chime gives you crystal clear audio notifications when visitors are at your door. It’s completely wireless so can be placed in any room of your home and is great for alerting you when you may not have your phone.

Keep an eye on the outdoors

Smart Waterproof Outdoor Camera

Keep track of any activity outside your home with this smart waterproof outdoor camera. It records in HD giving you a clear view of the outside of your home, even in night vision. The footage is securely stored on an SD card so your home is protected, day and night.

Detect water leaks

Smart WiFi Water Leak Detector

Help stop minor faults before they get out of hand with the smart WiFi water leak detector. Just simply connect your detector to your home WiFi network and place the device close to where the problem could occur. The leak detector can monitor more than a metre of pipe and will send you notifications via your smartphone if any leaks are detected. It comes with a slim extender too which can be used to monitor the harder to reach areas.

Get alerted of smoke

Nedis Smart Smoke Detector

Get notified if there is any risk of smoke or a rise in temperature in your home with a smart WiFi smoke detector. The siren will occur as well as notification straight to your phone so you can act fast. Simply link it up to your WiFi and you can keep your home safe from risk.

As well as improving your security, smart gadgets can enhance the way you use your appliances, lighting and heat up your home too! Check out our tops gadget picks to make your home smart!

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