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Make your home smart with just one change!

Envious of those homes with smart appliances? Always wanted to turn the TV on with the sound of your voice or turn on the light without getting off the sofa? Well, now you can!

The best bit? You don’t have to buy a whole load of new appliances to do this! These handy gadgets can make your home more convenient in a matter of minutes.

2 Gang Socket With USB Ports

Keep plug sockets free when charging

Replace your current plug socket with this 2 gang socket with USB ports to make charging phones, tablets, Kindles, cameras and other devices a whole lot easier. No more unplugging the TV just to charge your phone! It’s super easy to install and this handy video will give you a step-by-step guide:

Voice control your lights

Light your home with the sound of your voice or the touch of a button with TCP Smart! All you have to do is replace your standard bulb with a smart bulb and download the TCP app. As well as turning these smart bulbs on and off, you can dim them to set the mood or even get colour changing options. Here’s how to use them:

Dimable Smart Bulb

Smart WiFi Plug

Voice control your appliances

Make any appliance or electrical device in your home smart with a smart WiFi plug. Pair it with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub to turn on the TV, turn off the lights and even put the kettle on using voice commands! Here’s our handy video to show you exactly how to use it:

See who’s at the door from your sofa

See and talk to visitors at your door whether you’re watching a movie or out and about. This video doorbell allows you to tell delivery drivers to come back later if you’re out and even see who is outside your home at night with a motion sensor and night vision so you feel extra secure.

Smart Video Door Bell

Smart Multi-Room Speaker

Your favourite music in every room

Do the cleaning or invite the family round without having to take your speakers with you! All you have to do is pair this multi-room speaker with your favourite music streaming service on your smartphone and you’ve got yourself a house full of your favourite tunes. It even has a built-in light and a clock too.

Light up a room when you enter!

No more need for light switches! You can use these motion sensor lights to turn lights on when you enter a room. They can even be used for home security as they detect motion around your home and send notifications straight to your phone.

Smart  Motion Sensor Light

Smart Home Thermostat

Control your heating from your phone

Return home to a cosy, warm house by controlling your heating on the move! This smart thermostat links up to your smartphone so you can control your heating on the go. If you’ve forgotten to turn off the thermostat this morning or want to come home to warmth after a long day, this has got you covered! Here’s a handy video to help you with the installation:

That’s how easy it really is to get your home super smart! Check out the full range of our smart home gadgets for a seriously tech-savvy home!

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