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Get Smart With Our New TCP Range!

Ok, Google let’s get smart!

Ever wanted to spy on your dog when you’re not at home, set the mood for movie night without getting up off the sofa or see who’s at your door before you answer it? Well, now you can with the brand new TCP Smart range!

Controlled using your phone, Google Assistant or Alexa device, the range allows you to take complete control of your home including your lighting, security, and power from anywhere at any time! Here are a few of our favourite TCP products:

OK Google, show me what Tilly is up to!

TCP Smart Wifi Motion Camera



Ever wondered what your pets get up to when you’re out at work? Now you can see them in real-time whenever you want and even speak to them too with the WiFi Motion Sensor Camera! As well as letting your pets know you miss them, you can keep an eye on your home when you’re out and about and have peace of mind that you’re home is safe and secure.


Alexa, show me who is at the door

TCP Motion Sensor Doorbell



Know exactly who has been to your home and when with the Motion Sensor Video Doorbell. Whether you’re in or out, see who’s at your door and speak to them with the 2-way audio system. You can tell them to come back later, leave a parcel in a safe place and keep the recording if needed at a later date. The motion sensor will even let you know if someone is close by and has night vision for a sharp picture whatever time it is.


OK, Google keep my home safe

Smart WiFi Motion Sensor PIR


Detect unexpected movements around your home with the Motion Sensor PIR light. Motion alerts will trigger the light to turn on and send a notification straight to your smart device. As well as security, the motion sensor can be used to activate the light when you enter a room!


Alexa, turn on the TV

TCP Smart WiFi Plug


Never have to scramble for the remote again when your favourite show is just about the start! It’s not just your Television either, you can turn your home appliance into a smart device with the Smart WiFi Plug! Use voice commands or your phone to control your devices from anywhere at any time! (Gone are the days of fighting over the remote!)


OK, Google turn the lights blue!

TCP Smart WiFi White Dimmable Bulb


Blue, pink, green or orange, decide what colour you want your room depending on your mood with the White Dimmable Bulb! Choose from 16 million colours and shades of white to add some fun to your room! You can even adjust the brightness or dim the lights to set the perfect mood! Who needs to go to an expensive restaurant when you can turn your living room into a perfect date location!


Want more? Check out the full TCP Smart range!

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