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18 things you can do when you turn 18: The good, the bad and the really bad!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know from our many celebrations that eSpares has just turned 18! Our baby is all grown up and turning into a full-grown adult.

If you, yourself are turning 18 or you have a child or grandchild reaching this age, you’ll know exactly how we feel so we thought we’d take a look at a few of the things eSpares can (in theory) do in its glorious 18th year! We can’t lie, the worry is setting in!

1. Vote!

Hoorah, we’ve been waiting to make our mark in those little boxes!

2. Drink alcohol

Of course, the game changer! But we might take it a little easy for now though…

3. Change your name

It’s Spares… eSpares!

4. Get a body piercing or tattoo

An eSpares logo in a inconspicuous place sounds appealing!

5. Book a hotel room

The world is our oyster!

6. Get a 10-year Passport

And we’re off!

7. Get a license to drive a truck

eSpares trucks here we come!

8. Buy a car

And feel the open road!

9. Adopt a child

Hello, eSpares junior!

10. Skydive

The sky is the limit!

11. Buy fireworks

We’re just in time!

12. Give blood

We can do our bit

13. Work more hours

Work hard, play harder!

14. Use a meat slicer

Now we can slice all the meats and cheese that our heart desires.

15. Buy spray paint

Only for good use of course!

16. Go to adult prison

Note the above!

17. Sue someone

Downer – we can also be sued!

18.  Get married without parental permission

Any takers?

So there you have it, 18 things you can do when you turn 18! How many of these did you do as soon as you hit the 18 mark? Join the conversation on our Facebook page!

Why not take a trip down memory lane with us too as we look back on 18 excellent years of eSpares!

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