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18 Proud eSpares Achievements From the Last 18 Years!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and never has that statement been truer than it is for us here at eSpares! This month marks 18 years since eSpares was launched, and yet sometimes it feels like only the blink of an eye…

That being said, all that we’ve achieved over the years certainly could never have been done in the blink of an eye, that’s for sure. So, in celebration of the 18th birthday of eSpares (and all the hard work of our fantastic teams, of course!) we’re going to let ourselves have a little time to look back and reflect. In no particular order, here are 18 proud eSpares moments, achievements and milestones from the last 18 years!

1. Starting our YouTube Channel

At the end of 2008, we delved into the wonderful world of YouTube, providing How-To videos to help the general public repair and maintain their home appliances. Since then, our channel has grown to have well over 100,000 subscribers and over a whopping 90,000,000 views on our 700+ videos.

2. Expanding to Europe

eSpares Europe

In 2016, we massively expanded eSpares overseas, introducing websites for Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria. With our constant desire to spread the good word of spares and the fix-it-yourself attitude, we were overjoyed at being able to offer customers in these countries the opportunity to shop with us and access our resources in their native languages.

3. Launching our App

eSpares App

2021 saw the launch of our brand new eSpares app, with many of our resources now available at your fingertips. With our new app, you can now shop with us, receive Live Chat customer service, watch our How-To video guides, manage your account and much, much more.

4. Evolving Online

Old eSpares Website

Here at eSpares, we’ve grown with the times and so has our online presence. There’s nothing that shows just how different things were 18 years ago than comparing our website now to how it was in 2003. Just take a look at our old one for yourself… thank goodness it has seen many makeovers since then!

5. Trustpilot

300,000 Trustpilot Reviews Banner

Since claiming our Trustpilot profile in 2014, we’ve continuously welcomed and encouraged customer feedback. After all, learning from our customers is how we grow and improve! Today, we’re proud to hold an ‘excellent’ rating with an average of 4.7 stars out of over 300,000 reviews!

6. Launching our Live Chat

eSpares Live Chat

Customer service has always been incredibly important to us, which is why we launched our Live Chat feature in 2015. Allowing customers to access advice and have their enquiries answered as easily as possible, we are truly proud of our Live Chat team for keeping up their excellent customer service over the last 6 years – especially since we included Live Chat in our new app in 2021 too.

7. Advice Centre

eSpares Advice Centre

Along with our online shop, we also wanted to be able to offer advice and helpful information to appliance owners as well as just spare parts. That’s why we created our Advice Centre which, over the years, has grown to over 9,000 manuals, 500 videos and 700 articles to help appliance owners fix, maintain, care for and understand their home appliances.

8. Next Day Delivery

Yellow Delivery Key on Keyboard

We know just how important it is for our customers to be able to keep their appliances running smoothly. That’s why we’re happy to provide next day delivery (something we’ve been doing for many years), ensuring appliance owners don’t need to worry about their home appliances being out of action for long!

9. Building our Trophy Cabinet

DIY Awards Banner 2021

Having a trophy to show off your achievements is always nice, but having a collection is a testament to the hard work of all of our eSpares team members. With the DIY Week Sustainability Award in 2021, the Domestic Parts Supplier of the Year Award at the SME Awards AND the UK Enterprise Awards in 2019, alongside many others over the years, we couldn’t be prouder – and we hope to add many more awards to our cabinet in future!

10. Building our Blog

eSpares Blog Main Page

Back in 2010, we launched this very blog to help keep appliance owners well informed on all things related to appliance and home care. From relevant updates in the world of spares to fun seasonal advice and cleaning tips, our blog is going stronger than ever over a decade later!

11. Going Social

eSpares Instagram Page

Social media is an ever-growing force in the world and one we’ve been able to utilise thanks to the efforts of our social media team. Since creating our Facebook page in 2010 and our Instagram page in 2016, we have gained roughly 60,000 followers on both platforms combined, allowing us to spread the good word of spares and repairs even further.

12. Trying and Testing

Dr Beckmann. Tried and Tested Banner with Amy

Last year we decided to take an extra step in keeping our customers well informed regarding new products with our tried and tested blog posts. What better way to see a product’s worth than to try them out for ourselves? We officially tried and tested some upcoming and popular home products that we stock (including laundry accessories, cleaning essentials and more) and shared our results online so our customers can clearly see what results to expect!

13. Saving Appliances

Happy Customer Quote

Something that truly warms our hearts is the abundance of messages we receive from happy customers. Hearing how we’ve helped you fix your appliances, save money and make more informed decisions – whether with our spare parts, advice centre, step-by-step video guides or anything else – gives us the fulfilment we need to keep pushing eSpares further and further.

14. Teaming Up

eSpares Team in Costumes

With the growth of our company, we want to make sure we’re equipped to do things right. The many employees and varying teams that keep eSpares together have only been expanding over the last 18 years, both internally and externally. Almost two decades later, we’re overjoyed to see just how much the eSpares family has grown – and continues to grow!

15. Impressing the Press

Andrew Sharp on BBC News

Our core message is ‘repair, don’t replace’ and the benefits that come with doing so. It’s a message we’ve been passionate about spreading since our first day – and fortunately, we’ve had some help in that regard! We’ve been making plenty of waves in the press over the years, from coverage in The Times and Global Banking & Finance to our CEO, Andrew Sharp, appearing on BBC News to speak about our cause and its benefits!

16. Doing our Part for Charity

El Cycling for Charity

With all the success and growth we’ve seen here at eSpares, it’s only right that we give back to our community where we can too. We’ve been honoured to be able to raise money and donate to a number of truly fantastic charities. Of course, there is John Taylor Hospice, whom we are extremely proud to have raised over £100,000 for over the years! Other charities that have been close to our hearts include local and national names such as Free Radio Cash for Kids, Mind, Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid and Sport Relief. Sure, we’ve had great fun dressing up as superheroes and baking cakes for these causes, but nothing beats making a positive difference for those in need.

17. Encouraging the Eco-Friendly

eSpares Encouraging Eco-Friendly Repairs Banner

One of the reasons we’re so passionate about spares, repairs and the fix-it-yourself attitude is the positive impact they have on the environment. Whether we’re spreading awareness for eco-friendly causes or doing what we can to inform customers of the environmental benefits of repairing appliances instead of throwing them out (which happens far too often in the UK), this is something we will always strive to make a priority for eSpares.

18. Surviving the Pandemic

Staff on Zoom Call

And finally, we (like many other companies and businesses) have been forced to adapt to the many, many changes Covid-19 has thrust upon the world. Fortunately, with our ever-hard working, flexible and adaptive workforce, we have continued to survive throughout such a trying time. For that, everyone single person working for eSpares deserves to give themselves a big pat on the back. Bravo!

As you can see, it’s been quite the 18 years for us all here at eSpares – and this is just the beginning! So here’s to 18 more. May they be as wonderful as the last!

If this has got you feeling all nostalgic, why not take a look at our 16th birthday blog post from a couple of years ago? Seeing what the world was like when we first started compared to how it is now is truly a trip down memory lane!

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