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18 Top eSpares Accessories to Make Life Easier This Autumn and Winter

As you may or may not know, this month marks the 18th birthday of eSpares! Of course, that’s something we couldn’t be happier about celebrating – and what better way to do so than by bringing some of our favourite homecare accessories to light?

We’ve had quite the time bringing spares, repairs and all things eSpares to you all since 2003. But alongside our spare parts and appliance maintenance advice, we also have quite the selection of helpful products to keep all areas of your household in tip-top shape. So, without further ado, here are 18 top eSpares accessories to make life easier this autumn and winter!

Washing Machine and Dishwasher Descaler
Your dishwasher and washing machine take quite the beating throughout their lives. Especially now, when clothes get wet and muddy easily and the dishes stack up from hearty meals and Christmas feasting. Our washing machine and dishwasher descaler is the perfect solution for keeping these appliances in shape, helping them handle all the hard work that comes their way!

eSpares Washing Machine Dishwasher Descaler

The Pink Stuff Stain Remover

The Pink Stuff Oxi Powder Stain Remover
Speaking of dirty clothes… some filth can be extra tricky to get out of your garments, no matter how many times you give them a spin. But when stubborn stains strike, don’t fear – turn to The Pink Stuff instead! Their oxi powder stain remover is perfect for banishing stains and returning your clothes to their usual colourful glow, leaving them clean, soft and smelling great without the need for any harsh chemicals.

Ecoegg Washing Machine Laundry Eggs
And for those of you who like to take an eco-friendly and low-cost approach to your laundry – we have just the thing. The washing machine laundry eggs by Ecoegg are a fantastic cost-effective replacement for laundry detergent. Not only do they save energy by working efficiently during cooler washes, but they leave your clothes smelling great and work out to a mere 14p per wash. Bargain!

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Ecoegg Dryer Egg

Ecoegg Tumble Dryer Softener Eggs
Of course, laundry eggs are great… but pairing them up with the Ecoegg tumble dryer eggs makes for the ultimate duo! These eggs work just as well as any fabric softener, leaving your clothes as soft as ever. They also share many of the beneficial properties of the laundry egg, including various scents, using no harsh chemicals and helping you save money and energy on tumble dryer cycles.

eSpares Premium Car Shampoo
With the weather getting a little grimmer now that the colder seasons are here, your clothes aren’t the only thing that’ll take a battering. If your car is looking a little worse for wear from the muck and the rain, our premium car shampoo will get it sleek and shiny again in no time.

eSpares Car Shampoo

Chill Factor Car De-icer

Car Chill Factor De-Icer Spray
That being said, the colder seasons bring greater perils for your car than filth. When the temperature drops and ice is wreaking havoc across your windscreen and windows, give the Chill Factor de-icer spray a try. That pesky ice will be easily removed and scraped away before you know it!

Universal Extendable Oven Shelf
The colder seasons are a time for cooking hot and hearty meals… but does your oven have enough room to cater for all of your household’s appetites? Well, it can now with our universal extendable oven shelf. This handy appliance is ideal for making plenty of space for your autumn and winter cooking and baking, leaving no stomachs empty.

Extendable Oven Shelf

Oven Mate Oven Cleaning Kit

Oven Mate Deep Clean Oven Kit
With more cooking comes more cleaning, however, and that’s something you’ll also want to be prepared for. Make sure you have what you need to keep your oven clean with the Oven Mate deep clean over kit. Including scourers, gloves, cleaning gels and more, the grime in your oven will never know what hit it!

Wellco Microwave Cleaner
Your oven isn’t the only cooking appliance that takes a beating either, especially during colder times. Fortunately, the Wellco professional microwave cleaner is here to keep your microwave spotless alongside your oven. Biodegradable and non-toxic, this cleaner is ideal for leaving your microwave fresh and clean.

Wellco Microwave Cleaner

eSpares Batteries

Cookers and microwaves aren’t the only appliances that get used more during the colder months. When we’re all staying indoors, anything from TV remotes to fairy lights can see more action. Make sure you can keep these things running with a healthy supply of batteries of all shapes and sizes.

Universal Fridge Bottle and Wine Rack
Cosy nights in with a nice drink are something many people look forward to in autumn and winter. However, nothing throws a spanner in the works like not having enough room to store your favourite beverages. That problem can be a thing of the past with this universal fridge bottle and wine rack, designed to keep your bottles cold and stored safely.

Fridge Bottle Rack

Fridge Drain Hole Unblocker

Fridge Drain Hole Cleaning Tool
When it comes to storing food and drinks, making sure they’re in a clean environment is a priority. That can’t happen if your fridge drain hole becomes blocked by food or debris. Luckily, the fridge drain hole cleaning tool is a small accessory that can make a huge difference, allowing you to keep your fridge draining hole unblocked with ease.

Dishwasher Cutlery Basket
With all the extra cleaning that goes on during autumn and winter, having enough room in your dishwasher to reduce the number of cycles you need to run can be a lifesaver. If your dishwasher doesn’t have a cutlery basket, or if yours is damaged, give your dishwasher a helping hand with a brand new one! It will certainly thank you for it.

Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

Dr Beckmann. Carpet Stain Remover

Dr Beckmann. Carpet Stain Remover
Cutlery and cooking aside, there are other areas of your home that can take a battering when the weather is wet and mucky. Keep your carpets safe from muddy footprints and dirty pet paws with the Dr Beckmann. carpet stain remover. This oxi action formula neutralises odours and is highly effective for banishing unwanted and unsightly stains!

Patio Force Ready to Use Cleaner
When the rain comes hammering down, the cold winds rise and you’re spending less time in the garden, it can be easy to let your outdoor spaces fall into a state of disarray. But worry not! The Patio Force ready to use cleaner kills mould, algae and lichen easily and is suitable on a range of surfaces such as paved areas, patios, greenhouse or conservatory glass and decking.

Patio Force Ready to Use Cleaner

2-in-1 Telescopic Leaf Rake

2-in-1 Telescopic Leaf Rake
That being said, rain isn’t the only thing that falls once summer is over. When the leaves start falling, it doesn’t always take long for them to pile up and make a mess in your garden. Get hold of the 2-in-1 telescopic leaf rake and collector and do away with leaves with ease, keeping your garden looking fresh and uncluttered even when the flowers are no longer blooming!

Six-Sided Lantern Light
Of course, the sun sets early later in the year… and there’s not much point in keeping your garden tidy during the colder seasons if you can’t see it most of the time! Keep your outdoor spaces nicely lit up with this six-sided lantern light. Not only does its classical style give it an air of class, but it will also help you feel safer being able to see around your property at night too.

Six-Sided Lantern Light

Hotspot Chimney Cleaner

Hotspot Flue Free Chimney Cleaner
Finally, we have the Hotspot flue free chimney cleaner. It’s only natural that your fireplace will see the most use when there’s a chill in the air, and keeping your home warm requires a little maintenance. This chimney cleaner prevents build-up of tar and creosote for efficient burning in your fireplace. It also reduces the risk of chimney fires, so you can keep your toes warm safely!

Thank you for reading our blog post on our 18 top eSpares accessories to make life easier this autumn and winter! Hopefully, you now feel fully prepared for the months ahead.

While you’re here, why not join in with the rest of the eSpares 18th birthday celebrations? Check out our blog post on 18 proud eSpares achievements from the last 18 years to read about our journey so far!

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