Cloth Wiping Window With Autumn Leaves

Household Cleaning Essentials for Autumn

Autumn can be a wonderful time of the year. Orange leaves, festive preparations and pumpkin-spice lattes galore… what’s not to love? Well, unfortunately, with the cold winds and wet weather, this season also brings some cleaning challenges with it too. That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of cleaning products that are sure to help you through the season!

If you’re dreading the extra level of cleaning that can often be an issue during autumn, read on as we run you through essential products to keep every area of your household spick and span.


Mop Cleaning Floor

Once the ground starts getting wet with autumn showers, it’s inevitable that mud and dirt will find their way onto your carpets and flooring too. And, while it can be tempting to try and get rid of such recurring filth with a quick once-over, sometimes a higher level of cleaning is needed.

Fortunately, Dr. Beckmann is here to help. With a hardwood floor cleaner for the wooden and parquet flooring in your home, as well as a highly effective carpet stain remover (brush included!), you can keep your flooring in order – no matter how many muddy footprints find their way inside.


Hand Wiping Sofa With Cloth

Your flooring isn’t the only part of your home that’s at risk during autumn. As the weather gets colder, there’s no better time to stay indoors curled up on the sofa with your family and pets. However, this increased use of furniture can sometimes leave it looking a little worse for wear before the warm weather rolls back around.

Thanks to Lord Sheraton’s cleaning range, you can now keep your leather furniture in great condition, regardless of the beating it takes over autumn. It includes a protective and nourishing leather balsam alongside a leather shine spray to keep it looking as good as new so your leather furniture will be able to weather the colder seasons!


Autumn Leave With Rake

Of course, the interior of your home isn’t the only place that can take a beating during winter. With the harsher weather, your garden suffers the greatest toll of all. With these few items, you can give your outdoor spaces the added TLC they need.

This is where Lord Sheraton comes to the rescue once more. Protect your wooden garden furniture by keeping it away from the elements and applying Lord Sheraton’s caretaker wood balsam. Your chairs and tables will retain their sleek appearance, keeping them ready for spring.

Rust on metallic garden furniture and features can be a real issue during autumn too. That’s where the WD-40 range steps in! Their wide selection of multi-purpose sprays both removes rust and provides a protective coating against the elements – alongside many other lubrication and maintaining properties too!


Laundry in Washing Machine

Laundry can also become more of a hassle during autumn for multiple reasons. More mud and rain means more laundry cycles, as well as the need to provide an extra level of cleaning for deeper stains and filth. This also means your utility bills will go up, and… well, nobody wants that!

To keep on top of your autumn laundry, however, you need look no further than the Ecoegg range. Their washing machine laundry eggs offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to detergents and softeners, providing a deep clean and various fragrances. Of course, there’s no better partner to these laundry eggs than tumble dryer softener balls. These are designed to keep your laundry extra soft and scented which is especially handy when the weather is taking its toll on your garments!


Stew in Slow Cooker

And finally, there’s your kitchen to consider. With the temperature dropping, autumn is a time for warming and hearty meals… but this can mean your oven and cooking accessories might end up looking a tad overused.

Worry not. With Wellco’s professional oven cleaner, you can keep your cooker in great shape after even the heaviest cooking sessions. With this cleaner, you can cook up as many stews, roasts and hot dishes as you like, knowing you have everything you need to leave your oven spotless afterwards. Bon Appetit!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post on household cleaning essentials for autumn! We hope you found it helpful and are feeling ready for the season ahead. While you’re here, don’t forget to also check out our blog post on autumn chores made easy with your pressure washer too!

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